September 03, 2014

Edible School Yard Fundrasing at Chez Pannise

This was back in June, Chez Pannise had a fundrasing party for Edible School Yard Project. 
I helped Lauren McIntosh, decorating the restaurant for the fundrasing party !
Three colors of paper lantens and big bows all over the restaurant ! ah... that was so pretty !
Lauren design the special day menu with sun flower and her beautiful calligraphy letters.
The tablecloths and napkins were designed by Chiristina Kim by DOSA from LA.
There were seasonal fruits, apricots on the table and all the  tablecloths, napkins and menu were same color.

After we finished decorating the restaurant, they offered us dinner at outside patio. I think this is only employes allowed area.
It was fun watching servers coming and going and getting vegetables and wine from the fridge.
That was such a lovely day !

August 04, 2014

Bastille Day, Chez Panisse

Last month in July, I made lots of corsages for Chez Panisse restaurant annual Bastille Day, Garlic Festival. 

2 years ago, I made a head piece for Alice Waters for Bastille Day and this year I had the opportunity to make corsages for her and her staffs.
I made a special one for her which she is wearing on the photo, on her Eiffel Tower print shirt and 3 other kinds for her staffs, such as for chefs and servers. 

It was a special opportunity, thank you so much, Alice ❤️

July 15, 2014

Birthday Party

have been away from blogging since I started Instagram. Instagram is much easier so I'm getting lazy writing an articles.  You see my Instagram links and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos ! If you click them, you can see my comments there as well. (^◇^)
I had my birthday a few days ago and my living room has been smelling so wonderful from all these flowers I got from friends. 
My husband's birthday is just 2 days after me so we always celebrate together. This year, we invited our friends and had a garden party !

I cooked all the meal mainly Japanese food and decorated garden with pretty garlands and lanterns❤️
I enjoyed the party so much ! It's so nice to see all my friends together. 

My friend, Aki who is a pastrie chef made the strawberry cake and Ali made the chocolate cake for us. Other friend got the fruit tarte from Lafarine bakery as well ! There were all so yummy ❤️

I just clean the garden a little while ago. I can reuse this pretty things again for future parties, I guess !
While the weather is nice, I want to have another garden party ! 

May 27, 2014

Garden Party

In the beginning of May, my flower and aroma teacher, Mari-san had 20th anniversary party of teaching flower class in California.

Her class calls Foliage and this is her beautiful website :

She has a very nice style decorating her home and every little things she owns are pretty.

It was a lovely party in her garden and I was so happy to be a part of it. 

May 02, 2014

✿More Hats...

I just added more hats on my shopping site.
Please check my shop !

I will be adding more items soon...

April 29, 2014

✿Online Shop

Hello !
As you see above this blog post, I linked my online shop !
I am putting more items so please stay tuned !!

click to see my shop 

Make up and hair by Hiroe Kobayashi
Thank you Hiroe-chan ❤️

April 14, 2014

✿Creative Growth at The Possible

Creative Growth gallery had fashion show event at Berkeley Art Museum about 2 weeks ago. Creative Growth support artists for disabled adults.

Here are some blog articles I wrote about Creative Growth.

Creative Growth have done fashion show at their gallery in Oakland but this time, they collaborated with "The Possible" exhibit in Berkeley Art Museum.

March 27, 2014

✿Garden Party

Hello !

Did you notice that I just change the design of my blog.
It's a bit wider and has menu bar on both side of the articles and now I have instagram photos above the blog post.

I also change the background color from light green to light blue because the article title can't change from blue.

I hope you enjoy my instagram and hope you like the new look of my blog !

Thank you.

The Photo is from when I spent a lovely afternoon at a friend's garden party...  

March 04, 2014

✿The Possible at BAM

My calligraphy teacher and friend, Lauren is part of " The Possible" exhibit at Berkeley Art Museum. 

I went to Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley last Friday for the opening of "The Possible".
It's me and Lauren on the circle rug.

The museum became the workshop of many artists and they creates art there.

At one corner, there is pottery area as well !

Here is the schedule for workshop.

February 04, 2014

✿Calligraphy & Craft

This was the last calligraphy class in this session.
We do calligraphy in the morning and after that we have craft class.

Look at these beautiful calligraphy samples we receive in each class.

We made stamp !
I curved my favorite flower, pionees.

I love how it came out. 
I wanted to leave wood block feeling even thought the material I used was rubber block.

and... we had those delicious food ! 
Zucchini Flan.


Stamped on one sheet of paper with other classmates. 
I think we are missing some classmates stamps because they are more than 14 people.

Katherine gives us all the recipe she made for the class !

Thank you, Lauren and Katherine for the " happy time " !