May 30, 2006

✿Paris 2

Beautiful display windows, beautiful store signs all over the city.

I appreciate each little pieces of creative details.

Just walking around the neighborhood, I found so many pretty things.  Everywhere I walk, I see art everywhere, pretty thing all over. 

I am falling in love even more in this place, Paris.

This is a small window display and the woman is drying the clothes. The wind comes through the hidden hole and the clothes were blowing in the wind...

The soft pink ribbons hanging by the window where they sell perfumes... all the bottles in the shop were pink. pink. pink....

Restaurant sign, How pretty !

Sophie and I were hanging out in Palais Royal.  

May 28, 2006

✿Paris 1

My first art work in Paris, coffee as an ink on the saucer. 

It was at the Brasserie while I was talking to this Japanese lady who I've known for a while but never met her before.

I am her blog reader and we got connected through her blog !

I am discovering a lot about Paris by strolling the city...
Paris is so beautiful ♥

I saw Marie Antoinette film with Sophie in French. She transfer some important parts darling the film.  It was such a pretty movie.

Oh God, the was so beatiful. All the dresses were so inspiring and colors were just so amazing. I'll watch it again in English !!

May 25, 2006

✿London 3

English style afternoon tea at Kensington Palace was one of my unforgettable time of staying in London. The food I order tasted nothing special although the experience of stepping into the Palace where Princess Diana onece lived was something really special to me.
I found a church near my friend's place and I was admiring the beauty of old architecture. 

May 22, 2006

✿London 2


Dear London... London....

Why did you rain everyday?
I knew the weather in London wouldn't be that great, and I guess I experienced that in last 8 days.  Because of the rain, I got the cute umbrella and I'm happy about that part!

London was very interesting and I didn't feel myself as outsider.
I think it's because everywhere I went, I heard so many different languages and it was just so normal that I wasn't from England.

I met so many people from Germany, other European and many West Asian. I was just so amazed that populations of immigrants and tourists in London.

When I heard the Beatles song while I was walking in Portobello Market, It was a special moment for me.

The Beatles changed my life, If I didn't get into their music when I was 13, I wouldn't be living in abroad. The reason why I stared to get interested in English language was only because I wanted to understand the lyrics of the Beatles songs.

... and here I am in London, loving it !

May 17, 2006

✿London 1

How cute these keys are!  
These are the key of my friend's house where I am staying in East london right now. 
I thought these keys were only vintage and I have never seen anyone or anyplace has these key.  I know it just the key but I really felt that I was in a place far away from home.

I was happy that I went to shopping at Portabello Market and Spitalfields Market.  I found some beautiful vintage clothes and independent designer's cloth from London.

Some of the people really amazed me with their own style of fashion and I still can't forget these 2 people I saw when I was walking on the street. They were just so fresh and cool.

London is... so cold.

May 15, 2006



じゃーいってきまーす! Renちゃん...お留守番しててね!!! 

In eleven hours from now I will be flying in the sky.
I'm done with packing and now I should be studying how to use my new camera which I just got 2 days ago...  i love this camera so much already and I really should find out how to use it before I get to London so I can take many lovely shoots...

OK Ren, stay good girl.
(Ren was taking bath, on the photo)

May 13, 2006

✿Steps of Momoca

I can't beleive that I am going to London and Paris so soon...
What should I wear...?  
Which shoes should I bring...?
Ren, are you listening?  Wake up, girl...!