May 22, 2006

✿London 2


Dear London... London....

Why did you rain everyday?
I knew the weather in London wouldn't be that great, and I guess I experienced that in last 8 days.  Because of the rain, I got the cute umbrella and I'm happy about that part!

London was very interesting and I didn't feel myself as outsider.
I think it's because everywhere I went, I heard so many different languages and it was just so normal that I wasn't from England.

I met so many people from Germany, other European and many West Asian. I was just so amazed that populations of immigrants and tourists in London.

When I heard the Beatles song while I was walking in Portobello Market, It was a special moment for me.

The Beatles changed my life, If I didn't get into their music when I was 13, I wouldn't be living in abroad. The reason why I stared to get interested in English language was only because I wanted to understand the lyrics of the Beatles songs.

... and here I am in London, loving it !