July 19, 2006


Walking around the North side of UC Berkeley Campus.

Small city but very pretty and interesting place.  I like this unique gate.
Each streets are filed with lots of green and colorful flowers.

July 16, 2006

✿Can I talk about Paris again?

There are many thing that I miss about Paris but Laduree's macaroons is something I miss a lot.   Aren't they so pretty?  The brown one is a caramel and it got melt in the airplane. Yes, I ate enough macaroons in Paris but I took some back home with me... (I mean I had to...) I love the pistachio and chocolate flavor but they are all so good!

This shop is in Berkley and sell vintage staffs and it remainds me of Paris... it's so cute inside and they have many pretty little things... This shop is called Mixed Pickles Antique and locates on north side of Shattuck Ave.

July 07, 2006

❀Favorite times...

This is my favorite piece of my ceramic work.

Woking with clay is one of my favorite arts form. It's almost feels like meditaion to me and it needs so much concentration as well as caring and patient.

On the bottom of this piece marked as I made in 2003.  It looks like snail to me...

この小さなお皿は2003年に私が創った物で、掌よりも小さな小ぶりのお皿です。かれこれもう焼き物を初めて8年ぐらいになるなー。もーほんとに楽しくて、何ヶ月かお休みしてCeramic Studioに行かない時などは、もうCeramicの事が気になって気になって仕方がなくなってしまうのです。今度は何を作ろう、何かいいデザインはないかなーって良く考えてたり、よくスケッチもしてます。


July 03, 2006

✿Let's go back to Paris!

My mind is so much of Paris mood today so let's see my photo album.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Paris. I often think about myself walking the "Rue" (streets) and having a cup of cappuccino at outside cafe... Oh, I miss it so much.

Pretty pink wall restaurant La Masion Rose in Montmartre.

Near the St. Paul by the Seine River. I had a cup of cappuccino there...

Look how cute they are! they are about quarter coin size and they tasted good too!

These young men were playing soccer at Musee du Louver.

Doesn't it look like French people taking bath together in the cups?

My friend, Alicia took this photo and  I love it so much.  We were eating ice cream.