August 18, 2006

✿Cafe Cacao

When we park our car at the parking lot, we could already smell the cacao blending with sugar and milk at Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory in west Berkeley.  The factory actually makes their own chocolate at this site and they also give a factory tour to learn how they make their chocolate.  There is a chocolate shop to purchase their sweat to bitter very dense chocolate and the best part is that they have a cafe/restaurant called Cafe Cacao next to it and all the chocolate cakes are made by their Scharffen Berger Chocolate.

While I was deciding what to have for a desert after the sandwich, I went to the cake display case twice to pick what I wanted... It was hard decision to make because they all looked so good.

Like I said, it was hard decision to make and we picked chocolate pudding. You can't see the chocolate in this photo but there were tons of chocolate chunks on the bottom and it came with not too sweat caramel (just how I like it).  This pudding was amazing !

We experienced the best hot chocolate here...