September 27, 2006

✿Tea for Alice

Tea for Alice is a charming tea house on San Pable Ave. in El Cerrito.  

Pretty tea sets... looks like toys.

Petit Fours. 


Kukula is a big fun of Alice's Wonderland, she found this tea house. 

September 24, 2006


I love sweets! I love French sweets. I can't eat Japanese traditional sweets and American pie is too sweet for me.

At Bitter Sweet: Macaroon, hot chocolate.

Crixa cakes cafe: Boston Cream Pie, Cappuccino  
I always ask to cut the cake half for me.  I eat half in and take other half home to go...

The cakes I had in Paris. The pisutachio cake, pink mini macaroons around it (left) and the chocolate mousse and pear topping cake (right). The pistachio cake was the top 3 in my cake experiences.

September 21, 2006

✿Macrobiotic Cooking Class

I was my first time in cooking class, Mocrobiotic Cooking with Japanese instructor. 
(photo) Making pumpkin croquettes by four people. My part was to put bread crumbs around them. While I was taking photo, someone was doing my part. oops, sorry...!

 Flying the croquettes to the golden brown. My part was to watch!

 The class was about 10 students.

Menus were: brown rice (with millet, kinua, amaranth, roasted buckwheat, blackrice, blackbeans), corn chowder, pumpkin croquettes, marinated mushrooms salad.

The way instructor Yukie sensei teach Macrobiotic Cooking does not follow general Macrobiotic Cooking too strict. General Macrobiotic cooking, you can not have soy milk but her recipe of corn chowder has soy milk in it. I would call my Macrobiotic Cooking as "Mild Macrobiotic Cooking". She said, it's important to not to stress out of what you are cooking by following the rules too much. Well, I agree with that....

 Black bean cake "Anko" dessert called "mizu yo-kan".

It was such a great opportunity for me to meet those people who are intersted in Macrobiotic Cooking and learn more about it from them. It was also fun to chat with Japanese house wives in different ages.  Yes, I was the only one not married... hahaha... I really want to learn how to eat healthy and this class was just a step to my healthy eating...

September 18, 2006

✿Vintage Exhibition

There was a Vintage Exhibition in San Francisco last weekend.

It was so inspiring to be around those beautiful vintage clothes, hats and accessories.  Some of them were 100 years old and so much detail to each pieces.


September 16, 2006

✿Country Station

We were so hungry and we went to this Japanese restaurant called "Country Station" in Mission district in S.F.
My friend, Ai works there. 

It's a very homey atmosphere restaurant.  Feels like eating at a friend's house.

September 14, 2006

✿La Note

La Note is a French Restaurant and known for a cozy outside patio on Shattuck Avenue. It was little cold that morning so we stayed inside room for a breakfast. This place is one of my favorite neighborhood cafe/restaurant. It's a really cute place.

French toast and fruit plate.

My friend Serra was visiting her home Oakland for a week from NYC.

They serve breakfast and blanch everyday and dinner is open for 3 nights.  Eating in this restaurant makes me feel like I am in South of France.

September 12, 2006

✿Watch Out for The BIG Girl...

Ren's Mom (I) bought some new outfits for her last weekend.  Ren only has clothes from Momoca bland so far so she seems happy to have more outfits.  She's always feeling so cold even the summer time. (Bay area summer is cold though...) She will show off her new fancy outfits for this winter... "watch out for the big girl..."


Are these warm enough, Ren?

September 06, 2006

✿AnTiQue mArkEt

I went to Alameda Flea Market with a friend.

This person was playing swing music at his booth. 

My friend and I bought some stuffs for the kitchen, and we were very happy.  I think we were there like 5 hours... very long shopping !

September 05, 2006

✿Macrobiotic Potluck

It was the first time I experience Macrobiotic food at my friend's house. 6 friends gather around for a dinner and each of us brought own Macrobiotic (vegan) food.

Lotus root, yellow beats and sea weed (hijiki).

Konbu, carrot... This dish tasted like mother's food.

Dry tofu deep fried dish.

Roasted vegetables.  yellow squash, green squash, red pepper, eggplant, portobello mushroom, okura.   I made this dish since I didn't know what macrobiotic and a friend told me to bring a vegan dish.

My friend Mami made this pumpkin sesami cookies.  She also made the dry tofu dish as well.
It was my first time experiencing macrobiotic food and I really liked it a lot. Mami told me there is a macrobiotic cooking class she goes in SF and I would love to join her one day.