September 05, 2006

✿Macrobiotic Potluck

It was the first time I experience Macrobiotic food at my friend's house. 6 friends gather around for a dinner and each of us brought own Macrobiotic (vegan) food.

Lotus root, yellow beats and sea weed (hijiki).

Konbu, carrot... This dish tasted like mother's food.

Dry tofu deep fried dish.

Roasted vegetables.  yellow squash, green squash, red pepper, eggplant, portobello mushroom, okura.   I made this dish since I didn't know what macrobiotic and a friend told me to bring a vegan dish.

My friend Mami made this pumpkin sesami cookies.  She also made the dry tofu dish as well.
It was my first time experiencing macrobiotic food and I really liked it a lot. Mami told me there is a macrobiotic cooking class she goes in SF and I would love to join her one day.