October 31, 2006

✿My favorite in Berkeley

Bike tour with my Japanese friend kay with my new bike.  We went around Berkeley that day.

First destination was Chaya Japanese Vegan restaurant. I love this little restaurant so much. They have long wait at night,  so I try to go more lunch time. One of the dish we had called Hasami age (sandwich deep fry) tofu coverd by corns and see weed and deep fly it. It has been one of my favorite dish and they only have it daring the summer when corn is in season.

  Halloween display at the bakery near Chaya.

After the lunch, we stopped at Mixed Pickles Antique shop. Look at this cute book and the cow's black part was covered by smooth velvet fabric.

Then, we watch the Marie Antoinette movie. I saw it when I was in Paris but I saw it in French that I didn't understand it.  Everything in about this movie is cute, dress, shoes, make up, hair accessories and sweets !

After the movie, we went to the Farmer's Market and bought lots of fresh vegetables... I was so excited to pick which vegetables to take home...

What a cycedelic watermelon. It's like a galaxy...

I bought some little juicy tomatoes and so many other fresh vegetable and friuts...

Then, we went to Crixa, my favorite cake shop in Berkeley.  Kay and I bought cakes and eat them at my place.  I had such lovely date with Kay !!

October 28, 2006

✿Official Tourist

Official Tourist had a live show at Yerba Buena Center for Arts last weekend.  Jasko just told me "supprise!!!" of the night's performance so I had no idea what O.T. would offer.

I walk by the window on the way to the entrance, I saw Offical Touris members on the little corner of this huge space. I wasn't really sure what was going on at first because there were no poeple in the hall besides them but they looked like performing and having fun. I felt little sorry for them for a few seconds because I though nobody came to see thier performance although I found out the room next door had many people inside. I was just laughing how funny they look from outside.

Inside the museum, there were a few TV screens showing Officail Tourist live.  Nobody seem to know that there was a live show at the next door.  People would find out from outside what was going on through the window.

I thought that was a nice idea. These two rooms were by the window and people can see the contrast of these 2 different actions only from outside. 

They used this blue wall to have special effect on computer.

Shing02 join the live and he had Momoca hat on...!!!

October 25, 2006

✿Guerilla Cafe

In the restroom of Guerilla Cafe.
When I saw this one orange tile, it made my heart jump.  This was the only orange tile in the entire restroom.

Tiles all over in the cafe area as well. I love the same color stool covers.

My friend Githinji, he had his art on the wall (not the wall art behind him). He is very stylish and he had orange corduroy pants.

October 15, 2006

✿A Little Princess

My little friend Esabella is 3 and half years old. She has such a long white eyelases and her red hair is so beatiful.  She looks like a princess.

She got little hungry playing with other kids in the park.

She gave me a pose... There were so many other kids in the park and just looking at them made me happy.

Look at her pretty face! Her father Huston used to be a model and her mom Irene is also pretty... magnificent!

Her ballerina dress is just her everyday clothes.  She always dress up with petticoat skirts or dresses, also the princess dresses. She always looks so adorable.  Once I was is her closet and I was amazed to see how many clothes this little girl had.  I am sure some of them don't fit her anymore because kids grew so fast... but all the dress she has... oh, so pretty! 

October 09, 2006

✿Napa Sonoma

I went to Napa and Sonoma wine country with my friend Matt and his best friend who were visiting from NYC last weekend.

Lunch at the pretty French restaurant, Bistro Jeanty.  

Inside of the Bistro Jeanty, the boy on the bike delivering the baguettes...  Can you see the baguettes in the basket?
My freind Matt trying my hat on. 

Grape trees behind me.  Aroma of grapes were amazing.     

I got so scared when the bee stop on my colorful tulip dress. I knew I should have just stay still and not atack the bee but I was in panic and attack the bee with the wine country brochure I had on my hand...  I think bee was confused that tulip print on my dress were real flowers. 

I love the color of the building. How cute!