October 15, 2006

✿A Little Princess

My little friend Esabella is 3 and half years old. She has such a long white eyelases and her red hair is so beatiful.  She looks like a princess.

She got little hungry playing with other kids in the park.

She gave me a pose... There were so many other kids in the park and just looking at them made me happy.

Look at her pretty face! Her father Huston used to be a model and her mom Irene is also pretty... magnificent!

Her ballerina dress is just her everyday clothes.  She always dress up with petticoat skirts or dresses, also the princess dresses. She always looks so adorable.  Once I was is her closet and I was amazed to see how many clothes this little girl had.  I am sure some of them don't fit her anymore because kids grew so fast... but all the dress she has... oh, so pretty!