October 31, 2006

✿My favorite in Berkeley

Bike tour with my Japanese friend kay with my new bike.  We went around Berkeley that day.

First destination was Chaya Japanese Vegan restaurant. I love this little restaurant so much. They have long wait at night,  so I try to go more lunch time. One of the dish we had called Hasami age (sandwich deep fry) tofu coverd by corns and see weed and deep fly it. It has been one of my favorite dish and they only have it daring the summer when corn is in season.

  Halloween display at the bakery near Chaya.

After the lunch, we stopped at Mixed Pickles Antique shop. Look at this cute book and the cow's black part was covered by smooth velvet fabric.

Then, we watch the Marie Antoinette movie. I saw it when I was in Paris but I saw it in French that I didn't understand it.  Everything in about this movie is cute, dress, shoes, make up, hair accessories and sweets !

After the movie, we went to the Farmer's Market and bought lots of fresh vegetables... I was so excited to pick which vegetables to take home...

What a cycedelic watermelon. It's like a galaxy...

I bought some little juicy tomatoes and so many other fresh vegetable and friuts...

Then, we went to Crixa, my favorite cake shop in Berkeley.  Kay and I bought cakes and eat them at my place.  I had such lovely date with Kay !!