October 09, 2006

✿Napa Sonoma

I went to Napa and Sonoma wine country with my friend Matt and his best friend who were visiting from NYC last weekend.

Lunch at the pretty French restaurant, Bistro Jeanty.  

Inside of the Bistro Jeanty, the boy on the bike delivering the baguettes...  Can you see the baguettes in the basket?
My freind Matt trying my hat on. 

Grape trees behind me.  Aroma of grapes were amazing.     

I got so scared when the bee stop on my colorful tulip dress. I knew I should have just stay still and not atack the bee but I was in panic and attack the bee with the wine country brochure I had on my hand...  I think bee was confused that tulip print on my dress were real flowers. 

I love the color of the building. How cute!