October 28, 2006

✿Official Tourist

Official Tourist had a live show at Yerba Buena Center for Arts last weekend.  Jasko just told me "supprise!!!" of the night's performance so I had no idea what O.T. would offer.

I walk by the window on the way to the entrance, I saw Offical Touris members on the little corner of this huge space. I wasn't really sure what was going on at first because there were no poeple in the hall besides them but they looked like performing and having fun. I felt little sorry for them for a few seconds because I though nobody came to see thier performance although I found out the room next door had many people inside. I was just laughing how funny they look from outside.

Inside the museum, there were a few TV screens showing Officail Tourist live.  Nobody seem to know that there was a live show at the next door.  People would find out from outside what was going on through the window.

I thought that was a nice idea. These two rooms were by the window and people can see the contrast of these 2 different actions only from outside. 

They used this blue wall to have special effect on computer.

Shing02 join the live and he had Momoca hat on...!!!