November 27, 2006

✿Macrobiotic Class 2

I went to the Macrobiotic class again!   When I found out that Garret (buckwheat French crepe) recipe was the menu of the class, I could not think of amy other food was on the list.

Mixing brown rice and Daikon (radish) saute seasoning with rice cooked with pressure cooking pot.

Making burdock with sesami sauce dish.

Making crepe filling with almond powder, flower, maple syrup, soy milk and etc...

The menu: brown rice with Daikon(radish) saute seasoning
burdock with sesami sauce
tofu salad (I made it the next day and it's so easy and so so good!)
daikon(radish) and fu(dried wheat gluten) boiled with dashi stock and soy sauce
crepe ( I try to make something like it the next day as well... )

November 21, 2006

✿Eating with Fingers

This little village called "The Village Courtyard" is just 1 block south of Dwight way on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. The Village courtyard has several restaurants in and FinFine is new to this location.

Injera is a pancake-like sourdough flatbread and use fingers to eat those food.  Can you see my friend Kayo's fingers?
We had Vegetarian Combination which includes Split Pea Stew, Lentil Salad, Spicy Split Red Lentil Stew, Collard Greens saute, Potatoes and carrots cooked in a special blend of house spices, onions, and Chick Peas. The meal had lot's of vegetables and beans and it was so fun eating with fingers little by little...

I wanted to wash my hands before the meal arrived on the table but other customers wanted to go to the restrooms as well, and every time I stood up to go to the restroom, I missed.  After that, I was looking out for restroom and I stood up when I saw the door open, and at the same time, I saw an old man stood up for restroom so I walk so quickly to get there first and I realize that I was walking so fast towards the restroom and I found it very funny and I was just laughing at myself... kya..hahahah....

November 16, 2006

✿Ren Found The LOVE

Can you read that Ren? Oh, I love you, too...

November 09, 2006

✿Bon Appetit

My friend, Mayuko made the colorful pasta salad...

Bon Appetit!!! いただきまーす。

Her doggy Candy and my dog Ren (she is not on the photo) were just staring at us...

  Yummy... Yummy...  my art piece was created by dill !!

November 06, 2006


Ici Ice Cream just opened a little while ago on College Ave. It's very French atmosphere and I love that they pay attentions to details. The ice cream looked so amazing! I mean, just look at them!!!

I wasn't planning to eat an ice cream in that afternoon, but I had to try one... so I had this little bon bons ice cream covered with chocolate, it's called "green tea bon bons" That was pretty good! Next time, I want to eat the big colorful one. 

Nice flowers display with milk bottles.

It look so "French", isn't it?  The name ici mean here in French !