November 27, 2006

✿Macrobiotic Class 2

I went to the Macrobiotic class again!   When I found out that Garret (buckwheat French crepe) recipe was the menu of the class, I could not think of amy other food was on the list.

Mixing brown rice and Daikon (radish) saute seasoning with rice cooked with pressure cooking pot.

Making burdock with sesami sauce dish.

Making crepe filling with almond powder, flower, maple syrup, soy milk and etc...

The menu: brown rice with Daikon(radish) saute seasoning
burdock with sesami sauce
tofu salad (I made it the next day and it's so easy and so so good!)
daikon(radish) and fu(dried wheat gluten) boiled with dashi stock and soy sauce
crepe ( I try to make something like it the next day as well... )