January 22, 2007

✿Bahia de Los Angeles, Mexico

Bahia means Bay in Spanish. We travel from San francisco Bay area to the Baha Bay Area.

I am someone who wake up very early when I am on vacation. I woke up before the sunrise without alarm clock every morning. I was really happy to wake up and to know sun was still below the holizon. I get up quickly and get out from the tent to welcome the sun's new day with mine. Yes, we stayed in the East coast of the peninsula. Sunrise in the ocean and the sunset to the mountan right behind the Hut.

This sight was the most beautiful scene I have ever seen in my life.  Sun was setting behind the mountain (behind me) and the moon was arising in the sky.  Deep navy to light gray, pale purple to romantic pink and the pure blue... and shiny ocean blended in the color of lavender. It was such an impressive scene.

This is where we stayed.  "palapa" the hut.

We build a fire to keep us warm darling the night time.