January 15, 2007

✿Driving to Baja, Mexico

A few days before the year 2006 end, I was in rush to take a vacation to catch up the warmer wether and more time to relax at Baja, mexico with 3 girl freinds. Bahia de Los Angeles, that was the name of our destination, where we called "our paradise" for the 9 days.

We drove all the way to Bahia de Los Angeles from Berkeley to camp by the beach and it took us 2 days and the half to get there. While we were driving by really small village in Baha, I met someone likes Ren.

All I saw in my eyes were the sky and the cactus for many hours... It really hurts if you touch them. 

A cafe in the middle of no where... It was fun to see things like that.