December 30, 2010

✿X'mas House

Christmas is over but I just want to share this photo of a cute house. 

I live several blocks away from this house and I always path by it.  I always think this house is so cute and I really like this Christmas decoration.  Do you see the deers on the roof ?  It looks like a gingerbread house to me and also very dream-inspiring house to me!  
Every time I pass by it I wish I could meet the home owner, I just want to tell how much I enjoy passing by this house each time !

December 24, 2010

✿Merry Christmas

Hi, it's Christmas Eve...
These are my Christmas decoration at my house.
All the ceramics pieces are my hand made.  I found the post card in Paris and its from the 1920's.

This is our Christmas Tree.  We go to the forest neat our house to find the dead tree branches on the ground.   We also love finding acorns as well. 

This vintage steal tree is what I found at the antique market the other day.  The ornament you see in the middle, the gold/green is from the 1920's.  The owl at the top is the one I got from the Mixed Pickles and it's from 1970's.

Did Santa come to your house already ? 

December 23, 2010

✿Christmas Wreath

The other day, I made this Christmas Wreath.  
I've been taking flower lessons from the Japanese teacher in Berkeley.   
It's not Ikebana lesson, she shares her flower arrange style with  French  accents.

This is maybe not the typical Christmas Wreath.  I decorated vivid colored moss from Mt. Shasta among the pine cones, many kinds of nuts, dry flowers and eucalyptus. Other students decorated with holly leaves and other deep green leaves to make more Christmas style.
These are some of the materials.

My flower teacher is Japanese and I really love her taste and the way she is attracted by the nature.   She loves teaching flower arrangement and it's her passion.  She shares not only the way to decorate the flowers but environmental awareness as well. 

Since I didn't use all the green leaves for the wreath, I took them home and made christmas swags.

December 21, 2010

✿Merry Go Round

I went to Merry Go Round at Tilden Park with my friend and her family.
There were lots of Christmas decorations around it.  My favorite was this deer section.  On the way back home, we saw 2 real deers in Berkeley Hill.

There was a Santa.

There was a ginger bread house outside.

Also a big tree  ❄  ❅   ❄  ❅  ❄  ❅  ❄  ❅  

December 19, 2010

✿Antique Market

I went to Alameda Flea Market the other day with Alicia.
She just moved to a new place in San Francisco that she was looking for some furnitures.

Flower Presses.
Tools to make fabric artificial flowers.  The right top is for rose petal.

I like these trims.  

Shabby chic... I love it.

At the end, Alicia found a nice shabby chic chest with a great price and I found a rustic ornaments holder.  We were both really happy to find what we wanted !

December 17, 2010

✿FALLing into Winter

All the leaves are falling and coloring the winter streets.  
I love walking on falling leaves...

I wonder how many days this car has been parked here

December 15, 2010

✿Mixed Pickles

My favorite shop, Mixed Pickles Antique opened up their store again. 
Their opening day was in December 4th 2010!
Made in Occupied Japan.  Lovely bisque dolls ♡♡♡  ~so cute~

"Made in Occupied Japan" items are made between 1947 ~1952.  I heard the quality is not that best quality but some collectors love the "Made in Occupied Japan" since they were only made in these 5 years and very rare.   "Made in Occupied Japan" is more popular in the states than Japan...

Sharon, the former owner had a beautiful shop on Shattack Ave in Berkeley until last year and now she open the new shop with a partner, Roger.   The new location is at the boarder of South Berkeley and North Oakland.  6395 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA

They carry antique and vintage items and their selection is just so amazing.  I love collecting cute vintage house hold items, hats and clothes.  

I was really sad when Sharon closed the Berkeley shop last year.   I have so many cute things I got from this shop and it was my favorite shop to visit. 

I'm happy Mixed Pickles is back ♪~~♪~  
But it's a little dangerous place for me.  I would want to buy everything they have...

Mary, the antique dealer brings her antiques and vintage items at Mixed Pickles taught me the secrets of how to find out the age of each christmas ornaments.   

She had many ornaments from the 20's ~ 70's.   I got a vintage owl ornament and now he is standing on my tree !!

Owners of Mixed Pickles Antique, Sharon and Roger.

Roger is actually a very crafty person that he made my shop (when I had Momoca shop) window display lamps made out of cake tray as the lamp shade.   I still use the lamps he made at my house and I really love them.

December 11, 2010

✿Mt. Fuji

My friend, Kayo and her family took me to Mt. Fuji in the beginning of November.  

My Great Grand Mother's name is Fuji and I thought a lot of her when I was on the mountain.  She past away when I was 18 years old and it was my first close family's lost.  

We call Fuji san for Mt. Fuji in Japanese. 
"San" means mountain and we also have a different word but same pronunciation  "san " for Mr. and Mrs. 

People called my great grand mother as Fuji-san just as Fuji Mountain or sometime O-Fuji-San which is even more polite and cute.

My great grand mother crochet a pink scarf for me when I was still in elementary school.  She made 3 other scarves just like mine to my cousins as well.  This lovely scarf is one of my treasure!  
Maybe one day, I write about it on this blog...  

Found funny looking dry plant on the ground. 
I wonder how it looks like in spring.

I imagine during the spring and summer time, there will be full of people enjoying their lunch here on the halfway to the top of mountain. 
All the shops were closed and we only saw a few people, like serious photographers with their big cameras.  I think if you clime the mountain from the other side, there will be a large rest area but I think I would like it here more as it was very quiet and not much tourists. 

One day, I want to clime to the top !!

December 10, 2010

✿Nostalgic, Japan

I like seeing dry persimmons like this.   I would like to make dry persimmons like this one day.  

Geta, This is a very unique one.  The left one is round like a moon.  
When you stand on it, your feet and Geta makes a nice circle !!  
How special !!
The right one with the cats (maneki neko) is still in process. Do you see 3 wholes ?  That's where you tie the belts to hold the foots.
We say these cats invites luck.  Maneku (maneki) -  to invite,     Neko - Cat.

I went to this old Tsukudani house call Tenyasu in Tsukishima.  This shop exist since 1603, from Edo period.  Tsukudani is preserved food cooked with soy sauce and sugar.  Tsukudani was originally made with sea foods like small shrimps and clams but now there are a few vegetable and sea weed tsukudani as well.
I bought shrimp, and some vegetable tsukudani for my mom.  They were very salty and great with rice !!

December 06, 2010

✿French Chic in Japan

Yes, I love France. I love French Chic. 

There are French Chic all over in Japan.
Restaurants, cafes, buildings, interiors, plates... etc...

Menu at the cafe I had lunch with my friend, Asami, in Jiyugaoka.   
"á la campague" was the  name of the cafe.

"Orné de feuilles" in Aoyama.  I wanted to go to this place for a while.  They have many beautiful house hold items and furniture.  All the kinds of things you want to have in your house.  Such a cute shop !

I love this building, it's so stylish.   I walk by it in Nakano.

At the cafe in Jiyugaoka. Very nice table decor.

in Harajyuku.  I love rustic furniture.

in Jiyugaoka.  The bicycle is a part of their shop front display.

Cafe in Nakameguro. 
I had a Mont Blanc, chestnut cake here with an old friend, Naomi. 

December 04, 2010

✿Millinery Shop in Tokyo

While I was visiting family and friends in Japan last month, I visited Millinery shop.
Nishida millinery shop locates in residential area of Nakano, Tokyo.  
This shop was amazing, they had all kinds of millinery tools and materials.  
I saw some materials that I had never seen before and it was like treasure hunting for me. 
They even had vintage magazine and I could copy the page I like for only 10 yen per page. I didn't have time to take a look of the magazines but I really enjoyed visiting this shop.

They rent out these wood blocks with their low price!  I wish I had all these molds at my studio !!  

November 29, 2010

✿New Felt Hats

These new Felt hats are available at Shotwell SF and 
Wonderland SF.  
Please, have a visit to these great shops!!
 This style is unisex and you may enjoy wearing it in many directions. Like the pointy part on the left side of your face or right, even in the back !!

Shotwell is located in Union Square;
320 Grant Avenue (between Bush & Sutter)
San Francisco, CA94108
Wonderland is located in Mission ;
2929 24th St (between Florida St & Alabama St)
San Francisco, CA 94110

They also have Momoca's popular jackets !!
Thanks !

October 25, 2010

✿Souvernier from Paris 2

My friend, Alicia from the Bay Area was living in Paris when I first visited there back in 2006. She took me to some of her favorite places and Le Bon Marché  was one of it.  

I had my first macaroon there at Le Bon Marché 
The memorable first macaroon ♥

Now she lives back in the states and just went back to visit Paris.

She brought me this " Merci " stamp in the Ladurée box!  
I love Ladurée and macaroon box so much. 

Merci Alicia !