June 20, 2010


So... Momoca shop only has 10 more days to go.

We will be open everyday from Tuesday 23rd until the 30th.

Hours are 11:30 ~ 7
*(except Sunday 27th 12 ~ 6)

Stop by !!

June 18, 2010

✿Shop Closed !!

June 30th, 2010 was Momoca shop's last day !
Momoca shop is now closed although Momoca line will be continued !!

Thank you so much for those of you who came to visit me after the official announcement of "closing Momoca shop" through e-mail or blog.  I was so happy to see each of you and thank you for being so nice to me.  I was so grateful to see each of my customers and friends, I never could have done it all these 10 years by myself. Thank you so much.

I am in L.A. at this moment.  I came for a friend's wedding and that was 2 days ago so now it's time to relax at the beach. yay!!

✿ Momoca shop is closing

Hello to my customers.

I have decided to close Momoca shop by the end of this month, June 30th 2010 !!

I have a new goal in my life and to do that, I first want to close the shop. I will be going to study hat making deeper since I love making hat and also wearing them so much.

You don't really see me without hat. Wearing hat is like wearing underwear to me.  I always forget to take cell phone with me but never forget wearing hat. Hat is just like that and something very special to me.
In August 8th 2000, I open Momoca shop and the first item I sold was a hat and without my top selling item "hat", Momoca shop wouldn't be here today.

I love my shop and had great experiences, I learn so much as a designer, store owner, sales person, book keeper, producer, wholesaler, buyer etc...  I got to learn so much parts in this little shop and I am so grateful.

I had this shop for 10 years and I am so ready for a new adventure.  I am so happy and so excited.

June 30th is the last day and I put all of the items on sale.
It would be nice if you could stop by once more before the shop close.

This blog will be continued and please visit back sometime to check up the latest news of Momoca.

Thank you so much.

June 04, 2010

✿ This Saturday

Momoca will be closed on Saturday June 5th.

Sorry for the inconvenience.