July 20, 2010

✿Visiting Millinery Shop in L.A.

While I was in L.A., I visited California Millinery. 
I was very excited to visit this place ever since I found it on line. I never been to "Millinery Shop" before and I know there are not much left anymore.  I usually buy supplies in the fabric shops  and online.
The person who was working there told me that his boss bought this shop in the 1980's but this millinery shop exist since the 1930's.

I thinks it's amazing that it has a long history and still in business.  I respect that so much because I know how hard it is to even just stay in business for all these long years.

I found some interesting trims, veils and grosgrain to add to my hats and I was very happy that I could visit this place. ♥