August 29, 2010

✿Wild flowers of Mt. Shasta

A few weeks ago,  I visited Mt. Shasta in Northern California.  I enjoyed hiking on the mountain, soaking in natural mineral hot spring, lying by the lake and feeling the energy of water falls. 
The view at the foot of the Mt. Shasta as well as the view from halfway up the Mt. Shasta was so magical.  I felt like I was recharging the energy in my body and soul.

Here are some of the wild flowers I saw in Mt. Shasta. 

I've never seen any of these flowers before.

I think this pink one can be a cute hair accessory.

August 16, 2010

✿Momoca in Wonderland

More Momoca hats are available at Wonderland SF !   

Wonderland SF is a boutique and gallery support local artists 
in San Francisco.

Wonderland SF : Boutique/Gallery
2929 24th St (between Florida St & Alabama St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(Neighborhood: Mission)

Please, have a visit !

August 05, 2010

✿Adidas x Momoca

Momoca has been collaborating with Adidas Concept Shop on Haight Street SF for last 4 years and I just drop off some new pieces.
A few years ago, Adidas the company owner from Germany visited this shop and he really like my collaboration work and I am really happy with that. Yay~

White hoody with red gloves and blue tee shirts are from the new collections.  I also made some hats and lady clothes so please visit and check them up before they are gone. 
Shoe Biz + Adidas Concept Shop
1420 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
p: 415-861-3797
f: 415-861-3005
11AM to 7PM Mon thru Sat
11AM to 6PM Sun

August 04, 2010


I know, I know, I know... it was about 3 weeks ago, but I didn't have a chance to update these cute photos of World cup.
World cup final Espana v.s. Netherland cake.  

I went to Serra and Alicia's house to watch the World Cup final game.
They were having a big BBQ party and lot's of people were there.  Half of the people were for Holland and some of them came with the orange tee shirts, whistles and even one guy came with the dutch wooden shoes, and the other half were for Spain.  I was wearing the bleu dress to represent Japanese samurai blue uniform.  
Did anyone notice that?   

My husband and I were going for Spain to win!!   Olé~ Olé~ Olé~ Olé~♪♪~~
After the game, in the bathroom, someone put together the sign with baby bath toy "ESP WON"  
During the half time, I saw these sign said "ESP v.s. NED"       
How cute !!

August 03, 2010

✿Momoca at Shotwell

These Momoca straw hats in the photo are avialavle at Shotwell boutique in San Francisco now.   Please, visit.

     320 Grant Avenue (between Bush & Sutter)
     San Francisco, CA 94108
Store Hours:
     Monday - Saturday / 12pm - 8pm
     Sunday / 12pm - 7pm

August 01, 2010

✿Aunt Raza's Garden

While ago, I visited Aunt Raza's Garden in South Bay。

Look at these beautiful mixed colors.  That's blueberries!!

She also had raspberries in her garden. These were just in time to taste it.  
I love fruits !!

She gave me lots of tomato plants for my garden.  It's so nice to have tomato from my own garden and I'm also making lemon cucumber this year as well as herbs. It's so fun to get up and see red ripe tomato in the morning.