August 05, 2010

✿Adidas x Momoca

Momoca has been collaborating with Adidas Concept Shop on Haight Street SF for last 4 years and I just drop off some new pieces.
A few years ago, Adidas the company owner from Germany visited this shop and he really like my collaboration work and I am really happy with that. Yay~

White hoody with red gloves and blue tee shirts are from the new collections.  I also made some hats and lady clothes so please visit and check them up before they are gone. 
Shoe Biz + Adidas Concept Shop
1420 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
p: 415-861-3797
f: 415-861-3005
11AM to 7PM Mon thru Sat
11AM to 6PM Sun