September 30, 2010

✿Momoca Jacket

Momoca's One Panel Jacket is available for purchase at Wonderland SF Gallery and Boutique.
I love wearing this cardigan like jacket.
Please, go try it at Wonderland SF !!  
You will find this jacket in various fabric and color. 
I hope you find your "one-of-a-kind" Momoca jacket.

Wonderland SF Gallery and Boutique 
open its doors in San Francisco Mission District 2010, with the purpose of discovering and aiding Bay Area fashion designers, painters, photographers.

Tuesday to Saturday: 11 ~ 7
Sunday: 12 ~ 5
Monday: Closed
2929 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 641-4600

September 29, 2010

✿Raw Avocado Creamy Ice

Lately, I have been making this Avocado Creamy Ice.
It's so delicious and so many people are asking me for my recipe so I will post it here.
There is no milk or cream in this recipe so I call it Creamy Ice, not Ice Cream. 
If you are not particular about RAW, you may use non raw ingredients such as maple syrup, soy milk or almond milk etc...

~ Raw Avocado Creamy Ice ~
✭ 1 cup, Raw Cashew Nuts (soak in water at least 2 hours and wash it at the end)
✭ 1/4 cup, Raw Agave (or raw honey, maple syrup) 
✭ 3 Dates (take seeds out)
☆ 1 Avocado
☆ few drops of Raw Vanilla Extract (it's still good without it)
--  1/3 cup Water (or you can make with raw almond milk as well ) 

1,  Mix all ✭ in food processor
2, Add all ☆  and mix it.
3, Add water and mix it.
4, Put in container and keep it in fridge for at least 4 hours.
5, Defrost it a bit and put in food processor and mix it once again.  This process makes  it more creamy texture.
6, Eat or keep it in fridge to eat later. 

It will be fun to decorate with fruits. Don't you want to eat cute creamy ice? 
I hope you enjoy it !!

September 18, 2010

✿Table Socks

Look how cute these are !!!
These are socks for a table and you can use them for a chair as well.
I found them in Japanese Store !!   
It's smooth and quiet when you want to move the table and also prevent scratches on hardwood floors.
What a cute and great idea !
♥ I really love it ♥

September 04, 2010

✿Clear Creek, Mt. Shasta

Let me lead the way...

We didn't know how far the Clear Creek is, we were just following the trail.

Look at the two different tones of green.  This lime green color is very pretty.

Vivid colored moss everywhere...

Are you still following us?  We know you are tired but let's keep walking...

I put a blanch and moss together.  Voila, here is a little piece of art in the nature.

View of the mountain from the trail.  
We were getting closer to the Mt. Shasta.   We walk so much and came very far from where the trail began but we barely saw anyone in this place. We only saw 3 young serious mountain crlaimers with ski stocks.   This place is so beautiful and hidden from tourists and very quiet.  

I am not sure if you could see a water fall on the left side of this photo. That's maybe the Clear Creek.  
Oh... still so far away... 
Just to see this dynamic view was worth coming here.  Thank you Mt. Shasta. 

✿A Moment of Luck in Mt. Shasta

My husband and I were appreciated every moment of being surrounded by beautiful and dynamic Mt. Shasta.
Here are some of the places  visited while we were there in mid August.

McCloud Fall, Middle Fall.

Beautiful Mountain view from Panther Meadow.  
(please click this photo to enlarge)

Upper Meadow. We enjoyed snow slide.

Castle Lake.  
We got lost so badly to get here... I didn't see the small street sign.  

Hedge Creek.  
We went under the water fall. wow... it was so fun! 
Hard to see it in this photo, but there was a rainbow!

Mountain view from Weed, north side of Mt. Shasta City.
It was on the way to Stewart Mineral Spring Spa.   
Do you see a dragon fly on top of the mountain?  I didn't even know the dragon fly was in the photo until later.  
It's a moment of luck!!

Sacrament River headwaters

Toy poodle on the body board in Siskiyou Lake.