September 04, 2010

✿A Moment of Luck in Mt. Shasta

My husband and I were appreciated every moment of being surrounded by beautiful and dynamic Mt. Shasta.
Here are some of the places  visited while we were there in mid August.

McCloud Fall, Middle Fall.

Beautiful Mountain view from Panther Meadow.  
(please click this photo to enlarge)

Upper Meadow. We enjoyed snow slide.

Castle Lake.  
We got lost so badly to get here... I didn't see the small street sign.  

Hedge Creek.  
We went under the water fall. wow... it was so fun! 
Hard to see it in this photo, but there was a rainbow!

Mountain view from Weed, north side of Mt. Shasta City.
It was on the way to Stewart Mineral Spring Spa.   
Do you see a dragon fly on top of the mountain?  I didn't even know the dragon fly was in the photo until later.  
It's a moment of luck!!

Sacrament River headwaters

Toy poodle on the body board in Siskiyou Lake.