December 23, 2010

✿Christmas Wreath

The other day, I made this Christmas Wreath.  
I've been taking flower lessons from the Japanese teacher in Berkeley.   
It's not Ikebana lesson, she shares her flower arrange style with  French  accents.

This is maybe not the typical Christmas Wreath.  I decorated vivid colored moss from Mt. Shasta among the pine cones, many kinds of nuts, dry flowers and eucalyptus. Other students decorated with holly leaves and other deep green leaves to make more Christmas style.
These are some of the materials.

My flower teacher is Japanese and I really love her taste and the way she is attracted by the nature.   She loves teaching flower arrangement and it's her passion.  She shares not only the way to decorate the flowers but environmental awareness as well. 

Since I didn't use all the green leaves for the wreath, I took them home and made christmas swags.