December 06, 2010

✿French Chic in Japan

Yes, I love France. I love French Chic. 

There are French Chic all over in Japan.
Restaurants, cafes, buildings, interiors, plates... etc...

Menu at the cafe I had lunch with my friend, Asami, in Jiyugaoka.   
"á la campague" was the  name of the cafe.

"Orné de feuilles" in Aoyama.  I wanted to go to this place for a while.  They have many beautiful house hold items and furniture.  All the kinds of things you want to have in your house.  Such a cute shop !

I love this building, it's so stylish.   I walk by it in Nakano.

At the cafe in Jiyugaoka. Very nice table decor.

in Harajyuku.  I love rustic furniture.

in Jiyugaoka.  The bicycle is a part of their shop front display.

Cafe in Nakameguro. 
I had a Mont Blanc, chestnut cake here with an old friend, Naomi.