December 15, 2010

✿Mixed Pickles

My favorite shop, Mixed Pickles Antique opened up their store again. 
Their opening day was in December 4th 2010!
Made in Occupied Japan.  Lovely bisque dolls ♡♡♡  ~so cute~

"Made in Occupied Japan" items are made between 1947 ~1952.  I heard the quality is not that best quality but some collectors love the "Made in Occupied Japan" since they were only made in these 5 years and very rare.   "Made in Occupied Japan" is more popular in the states than Japan...

Sharon, the former owner had a beautiful shop on Shattack Ave in Berkeley until last year and now she open the new shop with a partner, Roger.   The new location is at the boarder of South Berkeley and North Oakland.  6395 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA

They carry antique and vintage items and their selection is just so amazing.  I love collecting cute vintage house hold items, hats and clothes.  

I was really sad when Sharon closed the Berkeley shop last year.   I have so many cute things I got from this shop and it was my favorite shop to visit. 

I'm happy Mixed Pickles is back ♪~~♪~  
But it's a little dangerous place for me.  I would want to buy everything they have...

Mary, the antique dealer brings her antiques and vintage items at Mixed Pickles taught me the secrets of how to find out the age of each christmas ornaments.   

She had many ornaments from the 20's ~ 70's.   I got a vintage owl ornament and now he is standing on my tree !!

Owners of Mixed Pickles Antique, Sharon and Roger.

Roger is actually a very crafty person that he made my shop (when I had Momoca shop) window display lamps made out of cake tray as the lamp shade.   I still use the lamps he made at my house and I really love them.