December 11, 2010

✿Mt. Fuji

My friend, Kayo and her family took me to Mt. Fuji in the beginning of November.  

My Great Grand Mother's name is Fuji and I thought a lot of her when I was on the mountain.  She past away when I was 18 years old and it was my first close family's lost.  

We call Fuji san for Mt. Fuji in Japanese. 
"San" means mountain and we also have a different word but same pronunciation  "san " for Mr. and Mrs. 

People called my great grand mother as Fuji-san just as Fuji Mountain or sometime O-Fuji-San which is even more polite and cute.

My great grand mother crochet a pink scarf for me when I was still in elementary school.  She made 3 other scarves just like mine to my cousins as well.  This lovely scarf is one of my treasure!  
Maybe one day, I write about it on this blog...  

Found funny looking dry plant on the ground. 
I wonder how it looks like in spring.

I imagine during the spring and summer time, there will be full of people enjoying their lunch here on the halfway to the top of mountain. 
All the shops were closed and we only saw a few people, like serious photographers with their big cameras.  I think if you clime the mountain from the other side, there will be a large rest area but I think I would like it here more as it was very quiet and not much tourists. 

One day, I want to clime to the top !!