December 10, 2010

✿Nostalgic, Japan

I like seeing dry persimmons like this.   I would like to make dry persimmons like this one day.  

Geta, This is a very unique one.  The left one is round like a moon.  
When you stand on it, your feet and Geta makes a nice circle !!  
How special !!
The right one with the cats (maneki neko) is still in process. Do you see 3 wholes ?  That's where you tie the belts to hold the foots.
We say these cats invites luck.  Maneku (maneki) -  to invite,     Neko - Cat.

I went to this old Tsukudani house call Tenyasu in Tsukishima.  This shop exist since 1603, from Edo period.  Tsukudani is preserved food cooked with soy sauce and sugar.  Tsukudani was originally made with sea foods like small shrimps and clams but now there are a few vegetable and sea weed tsukudani as well.
I bought shrimp, and some vegetable tsukudani for my mom.  They were very salty and great with rice !!