January 30, 2011


My French friend Christelle and her family came to my house the other day.  She was my French tutor.
I invited them for afternoon tea and I made this chestnut tart and I decorated it with " Merci " and dots.    Christelle brought Apple pie from Masee's so we had 2 cakes.  lovely !!
We had a great afternoon together !!  
Christelle, merci pour tout !!

On the same day, my good friend Ian had his 60th birthday party so I made the same chestnut tart for Ian as well.  He is same age as my mom but he is a really good friend of mine!  
Happy birthday Ian and I wish you all the best !!

January 29, 2011

✿Momoca, Flower Class

My flower teacher Mari-san is showcasing Momoca hats and hair accessories at her flower class on Feb. 6th Sunday in Berkeley.  

Here is her blog.  

January 26, 2011

✿Gallete des rois

La gallete des rois !
It's a French tradition to eat this almond pie with family in January.  

There is a Fève (small ceramic piece) in the Gallete des rois.  It's a game to find the Fève in the piece of pie and who ever find it will become the king or queen and he/she supposed to have a good fortune thorough out the year.

I had Gallete des rois party with my friends, Haru-san and Mari-san and their kids, all toghether there were 7 of us.
We were all excited to find the Fève in the piece but we couldn't find it !!
My husband couldn't make it to the party so I brought a big left over piece back for him and voila,the last piece had the Fève . 
The funny thing was that we were all expecting to find a cute ceramic doll in the pie but what we found was just a little piece of almond...  

I was supposed to send an E-mail of cute Fève picture to friends since Fève was in the last piece but it was just a almond that I didn't even have to do that anymore...

It was my first time eating this pie and it was really really yummy !  I wish I could eat this all year around !  I better find a good recipe so I can make it even it's not in season. 
I am so looking forward to eat this pie every beginning of the year from now on...

January 16, 2011


2010 is the rabbit year.  
I love rabbit and it's one of my favorite animals.   I used to have 2 rabbits as my pet when I was a child.  I used to feed them carrots and greens.
My grand mother was born in the rabbit year and I was so envy of her as I grew up.  She always had a cute rabbit key holder attached to her coin case. 
This is a rabbit lamp I bought in Paris.  I love her so much.

I have been working on clay since 1998 and I made these rabbits about 3 years ago.  The left one is cracked because it slipped through my hand.  I was so sad when it happen but I grew them together to repair it.

I also made this rabbit by sheep wool with felting needle.

I have more rabbit collections so I will post it again someday !

January 11, 2011

✿Sea Shell Beret

Momoca came up with a new hat design.  

It's a pointy top beret.  These are made by felt and it's very light weight fabric that I almost forget wearing it.
I have 2 colors in beige and grey so far and planing to make this style in different fabric and color as well !!

Inspiration of this hat is by these sea shells I found in Baha, Mexico when I went to camping in 2007.
Please find it at Wonderland SF Boutique !
Wonderland SF Gallery & Boutique

2929 24th St   (between Florida St & Alabama St) 
San FranciscoCA 94110
(415) 641-4600

January 01, 2011

✿Bonne Année !

Happy New Year 2011
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I would like to continue writting this blog to share each steps Momoca take.  

I hope you enjoy visiting Steps of Momoca.

✩ I wish you all for a happy new year ✩