January 26, 2011

✿Gallete des rois

La gallete des rois !
It's a French tradition to eat this almond pie with family in January.  

There is a Fève (small ceramic piece) in the Gallete des rois.  It's a game to find the Fève in the piece of pie and who ever find it will become the king or queen and he/she supposed to have a good fortune thorough out the year.

I had Gallete des rois party with my friends, Haru-san and Mari-san and their kids, all toghether there were 7 of us.
We were all excited to find the Fève in the piece but we couldn't find it !!
My husband couldn't make it to the party so I brought a big left over piece back for him and voila,the last piece had the Fève . 
The funny thing was that we were all expecting to find a cute ceramic doll in the pie but what we found was just a little piece of almond...  

I was supposed to send an E-mail of cute Fève picture to friends since Fève was in the last piece but it was just a almond that I didn't even have to do that anymore...

It was my first time eating this pie and it was really really yummy !  I wish I could eat this all year around !  I better find a good recipe so I can make it even it's not in season. 
I am so looking forward to eat this pie every beginning of the year from now on...