January 16, 2011


2010 is the rabbit year.  
I love rabbit and it's one of my favorite animals.   I used to have 2 rabbits as my pet when I was a child.  I used to feed them carrots and greens.
My grand mother was born in the rabbit year and I was so envy of her as I grew up.  She always had a cute rabbit key holder attached to her coin case. 
This is a rabbit lamp I bought in Paris.  I love her so much.

I have been working on clay since 1998 and I made these rabbits about 3 years ago.  The left one is cracked because it slipped through my hand.  I was so sad when it happen but I grew them together to repair it.

I also made this rabbit by sheep wool with felting needle.

I have more rabbit collections so I will post it again someday !