February 28, 2011

✿Olive Bread

It's a olive bread I made.
Making bread takes time, but all you do is waiting to rise.
Actually, making bread is really easy !! (maybe it depends on the recipe ?)

My recipe is so simple.
Whole wheat flour (sometime, mix of rye)  sea salt, coconut sugar,  yeast, water and time.

February 24, 2011


I felt in love with this beautiful flower my friend Kiko gave me.    
It's call Quince and it came from her garden.
What a sprendid flower ! 

I love the color variation of the petals. 
White, pail pink, anrouge pink... 
This flower is originally from China.  


I love pancakes from La Note.  La Note serves French foods and their restaurant have south of France deco.  I probably eat pancakes here at least 30 times.  I loved how they put this cream on the cute plate ♡  
This table is cute as well! C'est mignone ! 
They have 3 kinds of pancakes like Creme Fraiche Pancakes,  Lemon Gingerbread Pancakes with Poached pears, Oatmeal Raspberry Pancakes.  
That day I had Creme Fraiche.  As usual, it was so yummy ! 

February 21, 2011

✿New Head Pieces

These new pieces are available from Momoca's online shopping site.
Please check them out.

 This one has sold already but I wanted to show it to you.

 Please, go to the shopping site to see more pictures.

 Vintage laces on sinamay (type of material) 

February 20, 2011

✿Measuring Head Size

measure these area of head!

1.  The measuring tape works the best.  If you don’t have a tape measure, then use a piece of non-stretch string to measure around your head and then check the length using a ruler or other measure.

2.  Measure between 1~ 2 cm (3/8 ~ 6/8 inch) above your ears, where the hat sits on your head.

3.  Measure from the most prominent part of the forehead   (often 1-2 fingers above the eyebrow) around to the widest part of the back of the head. 

February 17, 2011

✿Jewels of Tree

I love finding tree nuts like pinecones, eucalyptus nuts and acorns.   Eucalyptus nut and acorn top looks like a hat !!
To me, they are  jewels of tree.  So cute ...
Aren't they so beautiful?  
It's called Deodar Cedar Cone Roses.  
I love those and I found so many of them.  Yay~

Japanese green alder.
There were lots of insects so I left them outside for a few days till they are gone.

I decorate them inside the house and on the garden table as well !

February 14, 2011

✿St. Valentin

❤.❤.❤  Happy Valentine  ❤.❤.❤

Some of my vintage valentine cards collection.  
These cards are so sweet and lovely.

Valentine's day in French is La fête des amoureux !
it means  ~ The festival of lovers ~

We have Valentine's day in Japan as well and it's a day women give chocolate to some one who she loves.   
It's a day when women declare their love with chocolate.
It's also very common for Japanese women to give chocolate out of courtesy  (obligation chocolates, it's call giri-choco)   to male bosses and male co-workers.   
In general, many people like to give out chocolate to friends and family that day !!

There is a day called ~ White Day ~ in Japan one month after Valentine's day, March 14th.  That's when male who receieve the chocolate on Valentine's day give back candies to the woman who gave him chocolate.  

As you can imagine, all the chocolate shops are packed right before Valentine's day in Japan.
Chocolate all over !!

 I like these sweet kids motif art works.

February 09, 2011

✿Flea Market

One of the thing I like to do is hunting traesure at flea market.
I just went to Alameda Flea Market last Sunday morning !!
I love love love this photo.
Old doll head, nice and long hand and lace up boots... What a unique photo.  I love those faded beige nude color.

These are bowing pins from France, 1890's.  Aren't they adorable?
I like the one with sailor hat !

so cute...

My friend Rahnel were so into pillows that day.  In this antique market, there were several vendors who make pillow cover with vintage linen.

This is not something I like at the market but there is a funny story about this head mannequin.  
This mannequin used to be mine!!  
A hat was on it so I couldn't see the "eyes" but I recoganised it was mine by just seeing the bottom part of it.
My husband drew the "eyes" on it.   I sold it at my garage sale over the summer. It was fun to talk to the vendor who bought this from me.  She wasn't selling the mannequin, she was only using it for the display !!  She would like me to invite her if I do another garage sale so she gave me her number...   ☏~~~ 

February 08, 2011

✿Nostalgic Bouquet

Last weekend, I went flower arrangement lesson.

We used these paper lace posy holder under the bouquet to make the bouquet even more romantic and nostalgic.  It looks so Victorian style !
These posy holders are from Germany and she had many so that I bought several of these for myself.  I think a flower bouquet with posy holder will be a nice little gift for my friends birthday or any other celebrations !!

After making the first bouquet, I had time to make this petite bouquet.  I love this little one as well.  I think it has a nice balance.

We had crepes for lunch!!  
My flower teacher Mari-san and my friend Haru-san made mushroom and chard savory crepe and sweet crepe with strawberries, blueberries and cream. 
Haru-san makes all kinds of food so delicious !!  I especially love her kale chips and butter cream sandwich cookies.  

Also, I had my hats and hair accessories for sale that day.
Thank you very much for those of you who purchase my pieces.

I had such a great day making bouquet and having delicious creps and top of that, I had a chance to show my work at the flower class and had great sales !!

Thanks for the lovely day, everyone...

February 04, 2011

✿Online Shop

Momoca is now selling on line.
Please, check it out !!
Here is the link !

February 01, 2011

Ume ✿ Sakura

✿ ❀ ✿ Spring has come ✿ ❀
Plum (Ume in Japanese) in full bloom in Berkeley right now.
I love the sweet and girly color and aroma of plum blossom.  ♥♥♥

 Voila, Momoca style plum blossom Ikebana.  

I let Plum blossom float in water.  
I made this ceramic bowl about 5 years ago.

Cherry (Sakura in Japanese) has come into bloom.  

Little Japanese lesson ;

Plum  = Ume
Cherry = Sakura
Peach = Momo

Momo = peach 桃  
Ca = blossom 花
Momoca = Peach blossom  桃花

It's been really warm here in Berkeley lately !!  
I love it.