February 09, 2011

✿Flea Market

One of the thing I like to do is hunting traesure at flea market.
I just went to Alameda Flea Market last Sunday morning !!
I love love love this photo.
Old doll head, nice and long hand and lace up boots... What a unique photo.  I love those faded beige nude color.

These are bowing pins from France, 1890's.  Aren't they adorable?
I like the one with sailor hat !

so cute...

My friend Rahnel were so into pillows that day.  In this antique market, there were several vendors who make pillow cover with vintage linen.

This is not something I like at the market but there is a funny story about this head mannequin.  
This mannequin used to be mine!!  
A hat was on it so I couldn't see the "eyes" but I recoganised it was mine by just seeing the bottom part of it.
My husband drew the "eyes" on it.   I sold it at my garage sale over the summer. It was fun to talk to the vendor who bought this from me.  She wasn't selling the mannequin, she was only using it for the display !!  She would like me to invite her if I do another garage sale so she gave me her number...   ☏~~~