February 14, 2011

✿St. Valentin

❤.❤.❤  Happy Valentine  ❤.❤.❤

Some of my vintage valentine cards collection.  
These cards are so sweet and lovely.

Valentine's day in French is La fête des amoureux !
it means  ~ The festival of lovers ~

We have Valentine's day in Japan as well and it's a day women give chocolate to some one who she loves.   
It's a day when women declare their love with chocolate.
It's also very common for Japanese women to give chocolate out of courtesy  (obligation chocolates, it's call giri-choco)   to male bosses and male co-workers.   
In general, many people like to give out chocolate to friends and family that day !!

There is a day called ~ White Day ~ in Japan one month after Valentine's day, March 14th.  That's when male who receieve the chocolate on Valentine's day give back candies to the woman who gave him chocolate.  

As you can imagine, all the chocolate shops are packed right before Valentine's day in Japan.
Chocolate all over !!

 I like these sweet kids motif art works.