March 07, 2011

✿BooBoo and Pamuk

My little (dog) friend BooBoo.
When my friend Liz adapted BooBoo, he only had one eye so they don't know what happened to his right eye.  I love him so much, even he isn't my dog and I can't see him so often.  
I am always waiting to hear from Liz to baby/dog sit him.  
He is really really cute and very calm just like my dog Ren who past away about 2 years ago.
Ren past away in 2009 and I miss her a lot.  She often comes in my dream and I just saw her in my dream last night.  Ren makes me happy♡  in my dream and I still feel very close to her.

On the photo above, every time I see BooBoo, I try to steal him from Liz, putting him in my bag although; never been succesful yet.  
He is like a stuffed animal, so soft , so cute and so light.

I have cat allergy and I am not a cat person but I meet beautiful cats sometime.  Well, Pamuk is one of it.  He is my friend, Serra and Alicia's grand mother's cat and he is from Turkey.  Alicia told me it's common in Turkey that cat has blue eye on one side and green on the other side.  
I think he is very pretty and mysterious.