March 11, 2011


I would like to thank all my friends who called me, text me, email me and facebook me to find out if my families and friends are ok.  It's so great to know my friends were thinking of me and my family.  Thank you.  
Also, my Japanese friends are calling each other making sure each families are fine as well.
It's very nice feeling that people care about me and I have people that I care about.

I knew my families were safe by getting text message from my mom last night a few hours after it happened.  I was texting my Mom asking Genki? (how are you) and I usually get reply from her right away but yesterday, she took for a while.  I found out that I text to my mom only 6 minutes after the earthquake happen without knowing about it.  I receive text message from my mom a few hours later "there were a big earthquake , we are all ok " so I went on internet and found out magnitude 6.0 hit the city where my family live.  Epicenter had magnitude 8.8.

I was able to talk to my mom earlier today.
She explain to me that earthquake happened while she was driving.  She felt like she was surfing on surfboard on big wave.  Guardrail on the side of the road were coming apart while she was driving.  It was the most scary thing she had ever experienced, she said.

My city didn't have electricity for 24 hours after the quake and they only had a radio to know the news.  I knew more what's going on than my mom by reading the news on the internet.
She kept saying to me "I am fine" "we are fine" ...
Land line didn't work but cell phone was working (very bad connection most of the time) so she was charging her batteries in the car. About 3 pm (Japan time) today, she got electricity back.  Some of the neighbor's fence wall came apart or Japanese brick type stone on the roof fall down and she has seen lot's of damage here and there but my family's house had no damage.  We are very lucky. 

I wish all the missing people are in safe place and alive.  I know 2 people who still haven't been able to find out their families safety.  I really wish the best for them.  

More I saw the news and video, I got depressed, cried and got scared.  
Many people lost their life, families, houses and all that.  More than 10 thousands people spent a night on roof top in freezing cold, waiting to be rescue because they were surrounded by water and could not get out of the building and inside the building were floated by water, they had nowhere to go.
At the same time, I feel that God gave us an another opportunity to realize how important to be connecting with family and friends deeply saying more "thank you" each day.  
Living each day with joy.  I feel even more than before that I want to live my life happy each day and to be more grateful for my families, friends and each moment.