March 23, 2011

✿Keep Going Japan !

Japan Earthquake Relief Fund BAZZAR we organized on last Saturday was a big success !
Lot's of people came by even in the rain and we raised tons of donation !!  Thank you so much. We didn't only raised money but also we gained lots of great energy from people came by to donate.  Many of them left kindness wards to us.

It was only 3 of us who organized this fundraising bazaar and we only had 4 days to put together ; therefore lots of our friends and their friends came to support us.  Some of them came with home made cookies and bento, some came to donate lots of things, and some help at the bazaar.  We really couldn't done it without them.  We were so grateful.  

Since we have lots of items got donated and many people wants to help us out that we have decided to continue  this bazaar from tomorrow Wednesday 23rd. to Sunday 27th.

We have hand made crafts, ceramics, jewelries, pastries, antiques, clothes, shoes, dolls, records, books, Momoca hats and more for sale.  
I hope you can come by...
2599 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley CA 94704
March 23rd Wednesday 12 ~ 5pm
24th Thursday     12 ~ 5pm
25th Friday          12 ~ 5pm
26th Saturday     11 ~ 4pm
27th Sunday        11 ~ 4pm
April 1st Friday  11 ~ 6pm
2nd Satuday        11 ~ 6pm
3rd Sunday          11 ~ 6pm
We made our original T-shirts and tote bags and they are available for purcash at our bazaar.
It's my hand writing with Japanese brush. 
My Japanese friend's company, Harvest Land  printed them so rapidly for us.  Thank you. We sold most of then on last Saturday so they are printing more for us right now.

 I also made the donation box with strawberry tape.

I attached the dot ribbon as a handle.  I thought it would be cute, if young kids hang it on the neck.
Imagine, at the end of the day, when I saw lots of donation inside this box... I almost cry.
Thank you so much everyone !

Now, we have our relief fund website. 
Please, check it out !!