April 27, 2011

✿Bake & T-shirts Sale

I made these vegan cookies for our fundraising event for Japan. 
We had 3 days fundraising event last week on Hopkins St in Berkeley near Monterey Market Thursday to Saturday.  We will be doing again this week as well.

The right one on the photo: 
I made with tofu pulp, banana and cocoa powder.   I baked tofu pulp so hard on the outside and soft on the inside.  It's a unique cookies.
My friend who bought it at the event loved it.  

Square and cloud shape light brown cookies :
I made with whole wheat, ground almonds and coconut sugar.   

I simply tied the bows with hemp rope and I think it's so cute.

This week's fundraising event:
* T-shirts and Bake Sale @ Country Coffee Market
April 28th ~ 30th, (Thurs ~ Sat)  
11 ~ 4 PM
1578 Hopkins Street Berkeley 

* T-shirts Sale @ Music for Japan from SF with love
April 30th Saturday 
6 PM ~ Midnight
West Bay Conference Center, 2nd Floor
1290 Fillmore St. ( + Eddy St.) San Francisco

Check our fundraising website for more info.
Thank you.

April 20, 2011

✿T-shirts Sales

We are not done with our fundraising for Japan.
We will be doing the bazaar every Saturday in May as well as T-shirts sale on store front of Country Cheese Coffee Market on Hopkins Street in Berkeley.
Please, come and let your friends know !
* Country Cheese Coffee Market
April -  21 Thursday,  22 Friday,  23 Saturday
April -  28 Thursday,  29 Friday,  30 Saturday 
11 ~ 3 PM
1578 Hopkins St Berkeley, CA 94707  (near Monterey Market)
(bake sale as well !)

* Bazaar 
Every Saturday in May 
7th. 14th. 21st. 28th.
12 ~ 6 PM
2599 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley, Ca 94703

✿Visiting Consulate

Yesterday, we visited Consul General of Japan in San Francisco.  
We personally hand over our relief check from the bazaar and T-shirts sales.   So far, we've raised $20,000 
We were at Consul's room and had little chat with him.
It was a really nice experience to be there and meet him personally.

April 18, 2011


Hemp fabric is 4 times durable than cotton and breathable.  It has moisture absorption and sweat-absorbent so its warm in the winter and cool in summer.  
I use hemp fabric to make some of Momoca pieces and sold at fundraising for Japan the other day.  
Today, I would like to write why I like HEMP fabric.  

(These are my hemp items, tea towel)

(These are my hemp items, teapot mat)
Hemp has been domesticated from ancient time and has been cultivating to make fabric, oil and fuel. 
In Japan, hemp is a holy plant and has been used for Shinto rituals in temples.  Emperor wears special clothes made by hemp for important ceremonies as when they become the emperor.  
((Empire of Japan has 2670 years of an unbroken line and was founded in 660 BC. Present enperor, Akihito tennou is the 125th. generations))

Lately, hemp attracts rising attention as a plant that heals the Earth.  Why some people think hemp can heal the earth?  

* Hemp grows very fast.  It's an annual grass and in 100 days, it grows 3m ~5m (10 ~ 16 feet).  In the subject of forest destruction, producing more hemp contribute to the protection of the environment.  
"hemp grows fast" increase rates of reduction of carbon dioxide to clean the air to prevent global warming.

*  Hemp glows in many types of climates in the world from tropical to cool-temperate.
Hemp is very environmentally friendly as it requires no (or few) pesticides and also doesn't take all the nutrient elements from the soil.  It even draws heavy metals from the soil and it has a role of purifying the land.

Hemp has drawing attention that it has potential energy to neutralize electromagnetic wave, radiation and ultraviolet rays.

* Hemp has no part to be wasted, from the flower petals to the roods, these durable fiber can be used to make lots of materials like paper, fabric, engineering product and building material.  The seeds can be eating raw, sprouted, make into hemp milk and hemp oil.

As I listed above, hemp naturally protects human and earth from harmfulness.  This is why I think hemp is a excellent plant.

I personally enjoy eating raw hemp seeds of salad, sometime I drink hemp milk.  My friend gave me a great recipe of vegan pesto using hemp seeds instead of pine nuts and nutritious yeast instead of cheese.

Here is the Hemp category


April 13, 2011

✿Onigiri Sale + Hemp

I've been organizing fundraising event with some friends but last weekend, I went to help other friends fundraising event.  It was Onigiri (rice balls) and bake sale at Japanese school in El Cerrito, next to Berkeley.
We made more than 450 Onigiri and sold most of them in just 2 hours !  All the baking sweets were gone right away as well.

A day before the event, I made organic hemp aprons, tea towels, tea pot mats and few other things to sell at the fundraising.  

I made 6 aprons, 9 tea towels and 4 tea pot mats and other items... in one day.  My shoulder and neck were really tight after but I was so happy that so many people had opportunity to know about magical HEMP material.

I only have 3 pieces left and I will be selling them at my fundraising bazaar.  
For more info about fundraising bazaar in Berkeley, go to www.keepgoingjapan.com (we've done fundraising bazaar for last 3 weekends and we are taking a little break right now and we will be doing the bazaar very soon again)

I would love to talk about hemp fabric in my blog sometime !!
It's such a fantastic sustainable material that I am so excited to make more things with it.
 This is how we display at the fundraising.

April 08, 2011


The other day, I went to aromatherapy class.  
My flower teacher just started to teach aromatherapy as well.  
I was so looking forward for this class for last few weeks 
These are made by clay and you drop essential oil onto it.  
I got 2 of them and one is for  inside the car.

I compared about 15 different kinds of essential oil in the class to find out favorites and non favorites.
I've been enjoying aromatherapy by aroma pot for about 10 years now and I usually like lavender, lemongrass, frankincense and rose-geranium and that day, I found my new favorite ! 
It's rosewood ♥♥♥

In the class, I made room spray.
I could pick one of the aroma blend and I pick the one named as :
"Happiness : Sweet and Fresh
It's a blend of rosewood, geranium, lavender, lemongrass.

My teacher had seeds and plant for sale.

After the class, we had afternoon tea together with cookies.  
These cookies came from Bake sale for Japan event happening around the bay area to support Japan earthquake disaster. 
I was very busy lately organizing and working for Japan Earthquake Relief Fund Bazaar so this lovely aroma class was such a nice break from the busyness.

April 05, 2011

✿Stop Rokkasho

Academy Award-Winning Ryuichi Sakamoto musician and my friend Shing02  started Stop-Rokkasho project in 2006.

Stop Rokkasho is a project run by the Japanese NGO Boomerang Net and headed up by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.  In order to bring attention to the nuclear reprocessing plant in Rokkasho in Amorori Prefecture, they get artists to contribute songs and other art to the cause.  (from wiki)

for more info, please go to   http://stop-rokkasho.org/ 



wake up the nations

we need ventilation
of tainted information
gathered in the bottom of a nuclear reactor
nothing nu or clear about the cloudy factors
shady tactics
army of paid actors, heart dry like cactus
black rain back in the day prove disastrous
we're putting our children at risk
data with an asterisk, call up the activists

greetings, sun salutations

we give praise to the almighty
knowledge from the ancient offering
though some seek shelter in
artificial stations, genetic mutations
the installation of a new plant
but this plant is no ordinary plant, nope
she wouldn't yield a flower or shed green leaves
instead she showers daily in a deadly breeze
spread like the zodiac sign after gemini
the everyday workday folk like you and I
once believed in this promise of a garden
boy atom, girl eve of destruction
tricknology system malfunction
the angle is steep and the wheels losing traction
who dare say they care about our safety
as long as the food on their dinner plate tasty
no time for supper
as we shall suffer the consequence
might as well enjoy the last cup of
tea if you prefer the taste of metal
in your mouth white blood cells on defense
people condescend
preemptive strike back across the fence
I guess it all depends which side you're on
whether you feel locked up or free to move on
confess, it all depends which ride you're on
whether you see pitch black or a light to keep on
now come on

shake up the nations

we need ventilation
of tainted information
gathered in the bottom of a nuclear reactor
nothing nu or clear about the cloudy factors
shady tactics
army of paid actors, heart dry like cactus
black rain back in the day prove disastrous
we're putting our children at risk
data with an asterisk, power to the activists

alpha beta gamma rays
anyway you like it
now we're living the omega days
seems like we're trapped in a sci-fi anime
clean room by-products contaminate
lab workers with laminates catch wreck
too late to reach for the medicine cabinet
the only fusion happening around, mass confusion
need for deep contemplation
cut through the noise mad concentration
camps built on purpose of tax evasion
politicians swear by their shifty cranium
wicked wet dreams pure forms of uranium
multiple platinum? enriched plutonium
impropaganda from a sponsored podium
uno hit like wonder, sound of thunder
another faux pas, irreversible blunder
thermal recording in a pressurized chamber
tweak the heat meter, well see through you later
bombs get smarter while soldiers get dumber and
drive a hummer now winter hot like summer
summer cold like winter, now who's in the winner circle,
hoops broken, ice caps getting thinner
how do we stop a force so damn powerful
have to counter with a bigger voice
so let a mouthful of noise begin
let them bad boys know
they can't play with the toys no more
before they blow up in the face
shrapnel flying everywhere in slow motion
ricochet off the wall and sting in reality
don't let the mothers tally up the fatalities
judgement soon come beyond the duality

so why let the silence kill a true utterance
why make the homeless scrub up your gutter and
who let the science bill the righteous teachers
we let defiance lift a room full of creatures
treasures are stolen then dumped in the ocean
oh what we do to our motherland, caution
murder she wrote in her will and an eulogy
offsprings cremate her to create energy
smoke rise holy figures burnt in effigy
solar eclipse on the night of an apogee
earth spin around the doomsday clock
messing around now the whole building block is hot
slanging rocks on the fly walking on a tight cable and
gambling on top of the periodic table
may fate bring together minds that are able to
express from an independent label to
rep a hard knock cradle, it's time to rock a show
let the name ring worldwide Rokkasho
what we don't need for sure, yet another Chernobyl
leaks like Thorpe, until then remain hopeful
my people, you wanna see the whole plot?
like a constellation, you connect the dots
see the outline of a master plan at hand
train ride named desire headed for disaster
charged like plasma, shatter like plaster
because we want to get from point A to B faster
sell your soul on an auction bid
better yet set your cell on vibration kid
this theater, has no spin like a turbine,
no script except for this here
by the genuine population
the path we must take for a major alteration
extreme consumption to wise moderation
enough with the debating
get up in the morning, just to see what we're facing

enough with the debasing

get up in the morning, just to see what we're facing

wake up the nations

we need ventilation
of tainted information
gathered in the bottom of a nuclear reactor
nothing nu or clear about the cloudy factors
shady tactics
army of paid actors, heart dry like cactus
black rain back in the day prove disastrous
we're putting our children at risk
data with an asterisk, power to the activists

we're putting our future at risk

data with an asterisk, power to the activists