April 18, 2011


Hemp fabric is 4 times durable than cotton and breathable.  It has moisture absorption and sweat-absorbent so its warm in the winter and cool in summer.  
I use hemp fabric to make some of Momoca pieces and sold at fundraising for Japan the other day.  
Today, I would like to write why I like HEMP fabric.  

(These are my hemp items, tea towel)

(These are my hemp items, teapot mat)
Hemp has been domesticated from ancient time and has been cultivating to make fabric, oil and fuel. 
In Japan, hemp is a holy plant and has been used for Shinto rituals in temples.  Emperor wears special clothes made by hemp for important ceremonies as when they become the emperor.  
((Empire of Japan has 2670 years of an unbroken line and was founded in 660 BC. Present enperor, Akihito tennou is the 125th. generations))

Lately, hemp attracts rising attention as a plant that heals the Earth.  Why some people think hemp can heal the earth?  

* Hemp grows very fast.  It's an annual grass and in 100 days, it grows 3m ~5m (10 ~ 16 feet).  In the subject of forest destruction, producing more hemp contribute to the protection of the environment.  
"hemp grows fast" increase rates of reduction of carbon dioxide to clean the air to prevent global warming.

*  Hemp glows in many types of climates in the world from tropical to cool-temperate.
Hemp is very environmentally friendly as it requires no (or few) pesticides and also doesn't take all the nutrient elements from the soil.  It even draws heavy metals from the soil and it has a role of purifying the land.

Hemp has drawing attention that it has potential energy to neutralize electromagnetic wave, radiation and ultraviolet rays.

* Hemp has no part to be wasted, from the flower petals to the roods, these durable fiber can be used to make lots of materials like paper, fabric, engineering product and building material.  The seeds can be eating raw, sprouted, make into hemp milk and hemp oil.

As I listed above, hemp naturally protects human and earth from harmfulness.  This is why I think hemp is a excellent plant.

I personally enjoy eating raw hemp seeds of salad, sometime I drink hemp milk.  My friend gave me a great recipe of vegan pesto using hemp seeds instead of pine nuts and nutritious yeast instead of cheese.

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