April 13, 2011

✿Onigiri Sale + Hemp

I've been organizing fundraising event with some friends but last weekend, I went to help other friends fundraising event.  It was Onigiri (rice balls) and bake sale at Japanese school in El Cerrito, next to Berkeley.
We made more than 450 Onigiri and sold most of them in just 2 hours !  All the baking sweets were gone right away as well.

A day before the event, I made organic hemp aprons, tea towels, tea pot mats and few other things to sell at the fundraising.  

I made 6 aprons, 9 tea towels and 4 tea pot mats and other items... in one day.  My shoulder and neck were really tight after but I was so happy that so many people had opportunity to know about magical HEMP material.

I only have 3 pieces left and I will be selling them at my fundraising bazaar.  
For more info about fundraising bazaar in Berkeley, go to www.keepgoingjapan.com (we've done fundraising bazaar for last 3 weekends and we are taking a little break right now and we will be doing the bazaar very soon again)

I would love to talk about hemp fabric in my blog sometime !!
It's such a fantastic sustainable material that I am so excited to make more things with it.
 This is how we display at the fundraising.