May 28, 2011

✿Raw Bento

I love green smoothie and drink it almost everyday and I usually carry my green smoothie and/or fruits with me in my bag when I leave the house. 
While I was doing the bazaar for Japan fundraising, I made obento (lunch box) sometime.  This was one of the day, when I made Raw food  bento.   
The menu was...
- Green Smoothie, kiwi, celery, mango, strawberry
- Zucchini & carrots noodle with peanuts.
- Shiitake mushroom with fresh tomato and wakame.
- Baby broccoli with broccoli sprout and hemp seeds.
- Azuki miso with cucumber.
- Beets sauerkraut.
- Daikon and soy source dressing.
I really like eating fresh raw vegetables.
I used this recycled paper bento box from this obento shop in El Cerrito called Wagaya. 
Wagaya makes really delicious Japanese bento for such a great price !!

May 27, 2011

✿EM Salt Miso

I made miso with EM salt.
EM means Effective Microorganisms.  It consisting over 80 different microorganisms and mainly of lactic acid bacteria, purple bacteria and yeast.  EM is supposed to be very good for soil, air, water and as well as human body.   It was developed by Professor Teruo Higa from Okinawa, Japan.
This salt is made by 612m under deep seawater of Okinawa and do not use any heat to make it.  The steps to make this salt is only condensing, evaporating and drying in the sun to keep all the natural nutrition. Mix of this salt and EM makes one of the best salt out there and yes, it's pricey as well.
Mixing soy beans, Kouji (rice malt) and EM Salt.

At the end,  put it in the container and put EM salt on top of it to prevent from mold.  I can't wait to taste this miso in couple of months.  I have a choice to eat some of it right away and keep some in the container for even longer time.  Someone said, miso after 3 years becomes like medicine because it even contain more nutrition that benefits to our body.  (it doesn't apply miso from the super market) 

    May 22, 2011

    ✿Bath Salt

    I went to the aromatherapy class the other day. 
    This time, we made bath salt with essential oil and dry flowers.
    The bottle I brought to stuff the salt was too large so that Mari-san gave me her good size "Bonne Maman" jar.  Yay~, I love these Bonne Maman jar and I collect them so I was really happy !  
    I don't eat jam much and I love organic food, so that I don't really buy this brand but I adore this jar with tartan check rid.  
    When I went to Paris, I bought a pack of small "Bonne Maman" jam so that I could have the small jars. 
     ( My huband ate the jam!  I enjoy the jar! )

    I mixed coarse salt and rosemary, geranium and juniper essential oil.  Oh, I love this aroma, it so feminine and rosemary is good for rejuvenation.  I added geranium dry flower and dry rosemary for visual.
    I could also mix with Epsom salt but I never used coarse salt as bath salt so I wanted to try it.
    Soon, I will make some new bath salt mix with Epsom salt and different essential oil so I can choose which bath salt to use depending on the mood and situation of my body each time.

    As usual, Mari-san (my flower/aroma teacher) has beautiful house decoration for us to enjoy!   As looking at this photo, I recognized some has 4 petals and other has 5 petals. All the petite petals makes a big ball of flower, how beautiful !!
    I love this flower. 

    By the way, the bath salt was wonderful. 
    Just adding a little amount of mixed bath salt in the bath, made the water much softer and aroma was filling the entire bathroom.  
    It was very pleasant bath experience.

    May 15, 2011

    ✿Jasko Begovic

    Jasko (my husband)  had his art show at Freak City in L.A. 

    This place had the perfect way to exhibit his art. 
    It had built in individual framed wall and it was in circle. 
    You stand in the middle and you can see his art in 360 degree.  It was so powerful and so memorable. 

    This store/boutique is in the heart of Hollywood and 3 flour giant store/gallery.
    Jasko's pillow art on the window display and clothing on the first flour and tapestry art on the 3rd flour. 

    His art is something so unique and so powerful.  
    It's fun to see the process of while he works on these art and to see them at actual art gallery.

    May 01, 2011

    ✿Jasko L.A. Show

    Jasko is showing his new work in L.A. 
    Saturday, May 7th at Freak City/Gallery

    He is showing his fabric collage tapestries as well as his design shirts and vintage clothing collage work.  This show will be amazing and we will have lots of fun !!

    We already know many of our SF Bay Area friends are coming to see us in L.A. show and we are so happy to have friends support.  

    Every time I travel, I always take to many clothes, hats, shoes but end up not wearing most of them so I am thinking which hats and clothes to bring with me to L.A. 
    I would like to travel light and I am getting better with it by each trip I make.

    I am also excited to go to warm beach and read my new books I just bought from Amazon.
    I want to go to millinery shop and the ice cream shop in Santa Monica which my friend just opened last year...  and of course, I am so excited to hang out with friends who live in L.A. as well.

    Jasko Begovic 

    With art work and one of a kind clothing pieces designed by 
    Jasko Begovic for Freak City L.A.

    Freak City L.A.
    6363 Hollywood Blvd

    With guest DJ sets by
    Super Dunny
    Studio 84
    After party
    with The Freak City Posse
    & special live performance by
    + special guests..

    Much Fun
    Freak City L.A.