May 22, 2011

✿Bath Salt

I went to the aromatherapy class the other day. 
This time, we made bath salt with essential oil and dry flowers.
The bottle I brought to stuff the salt was too large so that Mari-san gave me her good size "Bonne Maman" jar.  Yay~, I love these Bonne Maman jar and I collect them so I was really happy !  
I don't eat jam much and I love organic food, so that I don't really buy this brand but I adore this jar with tartan check rid.  
When I went to Paris, I bought a pack of small "Bonne Maman" jam so that I could have the small jars. 
 ( My huband ate the jam!  I enjoy the jar! )

I mixed coarse salt and rosemary, geranium and juniper essential oil.  Oh, I love this aroma, it so feminine and rosemary is good for rejuvenation.  I added geranium dry flower and dry rosemary for visual.
I could also mix with Epsom salt but I never used coarse salt as bath salt so I wanted to try it.
Soon, I will make some new bath salt mix with Epsom salt and different essential oil so I can choose which bath salt to use depending on the mood and situation of my body each time.

As usual, Mari-san (my flower/aroma teacher) has beautiful house decoration for us to enjoy!   As looking at this photo, I recognized some has 4 petals and other has 5 petals. All the petite petals makes a big ball of flower, how beautiful !!
I love this flower. 

By the way, the bath salt was wonderful. 
Just adding a little amount of mixed bath salt in the bath, made the water much softer and aroma was filling the entire bathroom.  
It was very pleasant bath experience.