May 27, 2011

✿EM Salt Miso

I made miso with EM salt.
EM means Effective Microorganisms.  It consisting over 80 different microorganisms and mainly of lactic acid bacteria, purple bacteria and yeast.  EM is supposed to be very good for soil, air, water and as well as human body.   It was developed by Professor Teruo Higa from Okinawa, Japan.
This salt is made by 612m under deep seawater of Okinawa and do not use any heat to make it.  The steps to make this salt is only condensing, evaporating and drying in the sun to keep all the natural nutrition. Mix of this salt and EM makes one of the best salt out there and yes, it's pricey as well.
Mixing soy beans, Kouji (rice malt) and EM Salt.

At the end,  put it in the container and put EM salt on top of it to prevent from mold.  I can't wait to taste this miso in couple of months.  I have a choice to eat some of it right away and keep some in the container for even longer time.  Someone said, miso after 3 years becomes like medicine because it even contain more nutrition that benefits to our body.  (it doesn't apply miso from the super market)