May 28, 2011

✿Raw Bento

I love green smoothie and drink it almost everyday and I usually carry my green smoothie and/or fruits with me in my bag when I leave the house. 
While I was doing the bazaar for Japan fundraising, I made obento (lunch box) sometime.  This was one of the day, when I made Raw food  bento.   
The menu was...
- Green Smoothie, kiwi, celery, mango, strawberry
- Zucchini & carrots noodle with peanuts.
- Shiitake mushroom with fresh tomato and wakame.
- Baby broccoli with broccoli sprout and hemp seeds.
- Azuki miso with cucumber.
- Beets sauerkraut.
- Daikon and soy source dressing.
I really like eating fresh raw vegetables.
I used this recycled paper bento box from this obento shop in El Cerrito called Wagaya. 
Wagaya makes really delicious Japanese bento for such a great price !!