June 29, 2011

✿Loquat essence

When I went to pick plums at my friends' mom house several weeks ago, she let me harvest  loquat leaves.  
This very special essence is good for healing lots of symptom like burnt skin, scarring, back pain, sore throat, tooth pain, and when bitten by an insect.  I have to wait for several months to a year to start using it.

June 28, 2011

✿Mt. Shasta

I went to the mountain alone...

I had been working on fundraising bazaar and had Adidas x Momoca project for Japan for last 3 month so I wanted to give myself a retreat.   I wanted to be alone to listen my inner voice in quiet and dynamic mountain in Shasta.
I decided to go to Mt. Shasta about 10 days ago and stayed there for 6 days.
Mt. Shasta is about 4 hours drive from Berkeley.
I read 4 books while I was up there, by the lake, by the water falls, by the river.  

There were more snow left on the mountain in mid June than last August when I visited there with my husband.

At the Bunny Flat.  I was really happy to see the snow.  I saw some people cleaning up their snowboards and some people were playing with snow. 

Around 7 pm, I saw some guys starting to climb up Mt. Shasta.
I guess, they would enjoy the mountain walk a bit before the sunset and camp on the mountain.
I was only wearing short sleeve shirts there but I imagine it would be much colder on the higher elevation.  
Great view of Mt. Shasta, on the way back to Shasta city from Lavender Farm.

On the way to Mossbrae Falls, walked on the train rail, long train passed by me and I was happy to see the conductor waved at me because I saw "No Trespassing" sign. 

Self-timer shot at Mossbrae Falls. Peaceful.

I made an expedition to Castle Crags State Park.
I didn't see much people and it was my first time walking the mountain forest alone.  I heard this state park will be shut down soon so I wanted to visit before it close.  It was fun walking the trek, feeling the deep nature.  
I wasn't scared alone, I wasn't lonely alone, it has rejuvenated my creativity and I feel like I gained strength.  

On the way to Stewart Mineral Spring Spa.  These cows are looking into the camera.  Hello cows!!

At the Shasta Lake on my way home to Berkeley.  The mountain is far but this lake is really beautiful.  

Little challenging thing happened during this trip but I learned not to be worry or not to have fear.  I'm feeling like I'm able to manage anything.  I feel more confident thatcan get along somehow, I know things will always work out.  I feel like I gain some strength from this trip.

I've traveled to abroad alone but it was my first time going to the mountain by myself, I think it was a really great experience for me. 

While I was at Mt. Shasta, I stayed at my friend Carrie's house.
I became friend with Carrie last year after meeting her at my garage sale and she lives like 50 meters away from my house, she offered me to stay at her vacation house near Mt. Shasta. (Dunsmuir where Mossbrae Fall locates)  We sometime have tea together or walk to Edible School Garden (Alice Walker's Edible Garden) together.  We have a big difference in our age but we have many common interests that keeps our friendship.  I am so grateful that I could stay at her peaceful place.

It was a interesting feeling to stay at someone house and that person wasn't there.  She had so many interesting books about Native Americans, Mayan, Travels, Plants, Animals, Dalai Lama, Spirituality, Nature, Ecology, and many other kinds of books.  I even enjoy just looking at the book titles while I was doing yoga every morning near the book shelves.   I bet there were easily 2000 books in that house.   
She also has lots of little things which she gather from her traveling the world, she has Japanese sections as well.  
Well, she is traveling Honduras right now and I can't wait to see her when she gets back to talk each other's journey.
Thank you so much, Carrie. 

June 24, 2011

✿Adidas x Momoca

New collection of Adidas x Momoca collaboration are available starting tomorrow.
Since 2006, I've been working on collaboration with Adidas Concept Shop and what's special about this new collection is that Adidas came up with a new line called BLUE and has really nice cotton shirts.  This BLUE line is only available at Adidas Concept Shop on Haight Street in San Francisco in the entire North America.
Here are 2 of my favorites from this collection. 
photos by Suzy Polling

Also, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.  
( Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco )

Please, check out the Adidas Concept Shop.
1420 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

11AM to 7PM Mon thru Sat 
11AM to 6PM Sun

June 18, 2011

✿Banana Bread

My French friends are coming from France today.  It's been 2 years since I last saw them.
They arrived and called me little while ago but their lugage didn't arrive with them.  Their luguages are in Amesteldam... they won't arrive until tomorrow so they are shopping their needs before they are coming to my place. 
Before I went to the cafe with my friends Haru-san and Ki-ko-chan during the lunch time today, I made Banana Bread with 3 bananas.  These banana turned so black that I had to cook right away.  My friends liked it but I wonder if my French friends who are coming soon would like my macrobiotic banana bread which made without dairy.  Let's see if they like it.

I spoke little French with my friends when they called me a little while ago from the airport, but soon or later, I had no idea what they were saying ...  we had to switch back to English right away.

Next day, I met my miso teacher who loves cooking and I gave her piece of banana bread and she commented me that, "your sweets tastes like it's from premium Japanese sweet shop". This such a nice comment made me so happy.
By the way, my French friends, Amina didn't taste it because she doesn't like banana but the Edouard seemed eating while I was not at around.  I didn't hear if it was delicious or not but when I realized, all of them were gone...  

June 17, 2011


For last 3 months after the earthquake in Japan in March 11th,  I had been working so hard for fundraising.  I can say that it was actually one of my greatest experience I had. 
Organizing fundraising bazaar, gathering donation, selling our original I ♥ Japan t-shirts in front of the supermarket.  I can tell you that I had no time to do anything for myself like I had no time to even saw a stitch or even to make my own dinner especially the first month although, it was such an awesome feeling to help others who really need.  

I personally donated $590 to Japan Relief Fund. 
It includes my donation ($100) and all the proceed of my hats sale at the bazaar ($340) and I bought many things at the bazaar ($150).  On top of that, I donated 2 hats for silent auction as well.  I never donated this much money before and I never did any fundraising and I am so happy that I did that. 

I am happy to announce that my friends and I gathered $36000 and we hand deliver the money to Consulate of Japan yesterday.  I was glad to see our fundraising t-shirts was displayed on the wall at Consulate.  

By the way, on 25th of this month, there will be a collaboration event of Adidas x Momoca at Adidas Concept Shop in Haight Street in San Francisco.  I've been working collaboration with Adidas since 2006 and all the proceeds would go to Japan earthquake Relief Fund as well.

I know Tohoku area would take a while to recover from the earthquake disaster and I am willing to contribute again in some way but after 3 months of concentration of fundraising, I am so ready to have my time to be creative again.  I want to make hats !!  I was waiting for this for a while and so ready to create something awesome !

June 08, 2011

I ♥ Japan Tee

As you know, I've been working on fundraising for Japan for last 3 months.
I'm happy to announce that my friends and I "Tomodachi of Japan" raised $35000 so far!

We sold over 1500 T-shirts and tote bags together.
Isn't that awesome?

We still have some T-shirts, bags and writs bands left and 
want to sell as many as possible 
before we bring the donation to Consulate of Japan next week.

I was wondering if you or you may know someone who is interested to help us.
we have...
- Tote Bags $10
- Writs Bands $3
- T-shirts $15

Unisex T-shirts sizes are... 
- 3T (3 years old or cute for medium size dog) 
- Youth S, (kids or small lady can fit on this size as well)
- Youth M, (kids or small lady can fit on this size as well)
- Adult S,  
- Adult M,  
- Adult L,  
- Adult XL  

I can even SHIP it to you if you you live far.
let me know who can help !! 
You can pay me either paypal or send me a check.

Thank you so much.
I'm looking forward to hear from you and 
All the profit goes to benefit Japan to recover !!
Please also take a look at our website.

** just to note that I wrote the logo with Japanese calligraphy brush, it's totally original, not from computer font !

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you so much !!

June 05, 2011


About 3 years ago, my friend gave me tons of plums from his garden.  Since he gave me like 3 bags of plums, I remember making about 10 jars of plum jam and 3 large bottle of plum wine even I don't drink alcohol at all.  I still have lots of 3 year aged plum wine left.  I usually serve when friends are over but I forget most of the time since I don't drink.
This year, I'm making Umeboshi with Japanese plums. 
Umeboshi is pickled plum we eat in Japan.
My friend Nina's mother has 5 Japanese plum trees at her garden.  I help her harvesting and she gave me so many plums and thought me how to make Umeboshi.  I choose my favorite panda jar.
After washing the plums, wipe with cloth and just mix with salt.
I used Himalayan Pink Salt.
Himalayan Pink Salt is harvested from ancient sea beds and Himalayan people used this salt to preserve food.  It has a rich mineral and iron and has very nice pale pink color.
Well, it's important to choose good salt for the health.
Later on, I have to take the plums out the jar and dry them under the sun for 3 days...
I will post another blog when I do that !

I've been making lots of preserving and fermenting food and it's been so much fun !

The fundraising bazaar I was doing with friends last 2 and half months is over and I have more time so I finally start working on Adidas collaboration a few days ago.  (This collaboration profit will go to Japan relief as well and I will let you know more detail later)  I realize smiling as I was creating and sewing 'cause it was so much fun!!  

June 04, 2011


About a month ago, I attended fermentation workshop at the Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley.  The author of Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods, Sandor Ellix Katz was the instructor.  
I tasted some of his sauerkraut while he was talking about all kinds of fermentation aspects as well as how to make sauerkraut and about fermented food from all over the world.  
He talked about miso, umeboshi and natto and many other fermented food from many other countries. 
Even just how to make and when to eat (preserve time) sauerkraut is so different depends of the countries and areas.  He mention about Bosnian way of making sauerkraut is so different from other culture.  In bosnia, they ferment whole cabbage first and they  shredded right before they serve instead of in other culture, they shredded the cabbage first and ferment in a jar.
By the way, when I visited Bosnia 2 or 3 years ago, I saw almost everybody makes their own vegetables at their garden even in the capital, Sarajevo.  They call  "paradise" for tomato. They probably feels that eating paradise in the summer time feels like they are in paradise... 

Fermented food is easier to digest and it has so much nutritional benefits.  I love eating raw food and I want to add more fermented food in my diet.
I have been making a lot of fermented food like miso, vegetable pickles, umeboshi(plum pickles), loquat extract  and other preserved food.   

This is the sauerkraut I made about 3 weeks ago.
Cabbage, konbu and hijiki in the ceramic bowl I made about 4 or 5 years ago.

June 02, 2011

✿Auction for Japan

There was a Japan fundraising auction event in Alameda 2weeks ago.  My friend Keiko and her friends "Alameda Japanese Mothers" organized this event and she took one of my portrait photo to decorate the table with my hats so people can have an idea who makes these hats.   I donated 2 hats for the silent auction. 

Japanese calligraphy post cards that my friend Yuki made. In every card, she wrote the meaning of the words in English as well.

It was a really nice fundraising event. 
Food, Japanese Bon-Odori dancers, taiko, koto, sushi demonstration and origami table... and lots of really nice art for auction !
I know there are so many fundraising events happening all over and I truly appreciate all the people who support that.  Thank you.  I even saw fundraising event when I visited San Jose the other day or even in Little Tokyo in L.A.