June 17, 2011


For last 3 months after the earthquake in Japan in March 11th,  I had been working so hard for fundraising.  I can say that it was actually one of my greatest experience I had. 
Organizing fundraising bazaar, gathering donation, selling our original I ♥ Japan t-shirts in front of the supermarket.  I can tell you that I had no time to do anything for myself like I had no time to even saw a stitch or even to make my own dinner especially the first month although, it was such an awesome feeling to help others who really need.  

I personally donated $590 to Japan Relief Fund. 
It includes my donation ($100) and all the proceed of my hats sale at the bazaar ($340) and I bought many things at the bazaar ($150).  On top of that, I donated 2 hats for silent auction as well.  I never donated this much money before and I never did any fundraising and I am so happy that I did that. 

I am happy to announce that my friends and I gathered $36000 and we hand deliver the money to Consulate of Japan yesterday.  I was glad to see our fundraising t-shirts was displayed on the wall at Consulate.  

By the way, on 25th of this month, there will be a collaboration event of Adidas x Momoca at Adidas Concept Shop in Haight Street in San Francisco.  I've been working collaboration with Adidas since 2006 and all the proceeds would go to Japan earthquake Relief Fund as well.

I know Tohoku area would take a while to recover from the earthquake disaster and I am willing to contribute again in some way but after 3 months of concentration of fundraising, I am so ready to have my time to be creative again.  I want to make hats !!  I was waiting for this for a while and so ready to create something awesome !