June 02, 2011

✿Auction for Japan

There was a Japan fundraising auction event in Alameda 2weeks ago.  My friend Keiko and her friends "Alameda Japanese Mothers" organized this event and she took one of my portrait photo to decorate the table with my hats so people can have an idea who makes these hats.   I donated 2 hats for the silent auction. 

Japanese calligraphy post cards that my friend Yuki made. In every card, she wrote the meaning of the words in English as well.

It was a really nice fundraising event. 
Food, Japanese Bon-Odori dancers, taiko, koto, sushi demonstration and origami table... and lots of really nice art for auction !
I know there are so many fundraising events happening all over and I truly appreciate all the people who support that.  Thank you.  I even saw fundraising event when I visited San Jose the other day or even in Little Tokyo in L.A.