June 18, 2011

✿Banana Bread

My French friends are coming from France today.  It's been 2 years since I last saw them.
They arrived and called me little while ago but their lugage didn't arrive with them.  Their luguages are in Amesteldam... they won't arrive until tomorrow so they are shopping their needs before they are coming to my place. 
Before I went to the cafe with my friends Haru-san and Ki-ko-chan during the lunch time today, I made Banana Bread with 3 bananas.  These banana turned so black that I had to cook right away.  My friends liked it but I wonder if my French friends who are coming soon would like my macrobiotic banana bread which made without dairy.  Let's see if they like it.

I spoke little French with my friends when they called me a little while ago from the airport, but soon or later, I had no idea what they were saying ...  we had to switch back to English right away.

Next day, I met my miso teacher who loves cooking and I gave her piece of banana bread and she commented me that, "your sweets tastes like it's from premium Japanese sweet shop". This such a nice comment made me so happy.
By the way, my French friends, Amina didn't taste it because she doesn't like banana but the Edouard seemed eating while I was not at around.  I didn't hear if it was delicious or not but when I realized, all of them were gone...