June 28, 2011

✿Mt. Shasta

I went to the mountain alone...

I had been working on fundraising bazaar and had Adidas x Momoca project for Japan for last 3 month so I wanted to give myself a retreat.   I wanted to be alone to listen my inner voice in quiet and dynamic mountain in Shasta.
I decided to go to Mt. Shasta about 10 days ago and stayed there for 6 days.
Mt. Shasta is about 4 hours drive from Berkeley.
I read 4 books while I was up there, by the lake, by the water falls, by the river.  

There were more snow left on the mountain in mid June than last August when I visited there with my husband.

At the Bunny Flat.  I was really happy to see the snow.  I saw some people cleaning up their snowboards and some people were playing with snow. 

Around 7 pm, I saw some guys starting to climb up Mt. Shasta.
I guess, they would enjoy the mountain walk a bit before the sunset and camp on the mountain.
I was only wearing short sleeve shirts there but I imagine it would be much colder on the higher elevation.  
Great view of Mt. Shasta, on the way back to Shasta city from Lavender Farm.

On the way to Mossbrae Falls, walked on the train rail, long train passed by me and I was happy to see the conductor waved at me because I saw "No Trespassing" sign. 

Self-timer shot at Mossbrae Falls. Peaceful.

I made an expedition to Castle Crags State Park.
I didn't see much people and it was my first time walking the mountain forest alone.  I heard this state park will be shut down soon so I wanted to visit before it close.  It was fun walking the trek, feeling the deep nature.  
I wasn't scared alone, I wasn't lonely alone, it has rejuvenated my creativity and I feel like I gained strength.  

On the way to Stewart Mineral Spring Spa.  These cows are looking into the camera.  Hello cows!!

At the Shasta Lake on my way home to Berkeley.  The mountain is far but this lake is really beautiful.  

Little challenging thing happened during this trip but I learned not to be worry or not to have fear.  I'm feeling like I'm able to manage anything.  I feel more confident thatcan get along somehow, I know things will always work out.  I feel like I gain some strength from this trip.

I've traveled to abroad alone but it was my first time going to the mountain by myself, I think it was a really great experience for me. 

While I was at Mt. Shasta, I stayed at my friend Carrie's house.
I became friend with Carrie last year after meeting her at my garage sale and she lives like 50 meters away from my house, she offered me to stay at her vacation house near Mt. Shasta. (Dunsmuir where Mossbrae Fall locates)  We sometime have tea together or walk to Edible School Garden (Alice Walker's Edible Garden) together.  We have a big difference in our age but we have many common interests that keeps our friendship.  I am so grateful that I could stay at her peaceful place.

It was a interesting feeling to stay at someone house and that person wasn't there.  She had so many interesting books about Native Americans, Mayan, Travels, Plants, Animals, Dalai Lama, Spirituality, Nature, Ecology, and many other kinds of books.  I even enjoy just looking at the book titles while I was doing yoga every morning near the book shelves.   I bet there were easily 2000 books in that house.   
She also has lots of little things which she gather from her traveling the world, she has Japanese sections as well.  
Well, she is traveling Honduras right now and I can't wait to see her when she gets back to talk each other's journey.
Thank you so much, Carrie.