July 03, 2011

✿Adidas x Momoca

so... on June 25th 2011, it was the first day introducing 
"BLUE " line from Adidas in entire North America as well as Adidas x Momoca collaboration pieces.  Here are some of the works I worked on for this season.
I've only used Japanese silk and cotton for this collection and some of them were vintage Kimono fabric.
Also, all the hats you see on these photos are Momoca hats.

photos by : Suzy Poling   www.suzypolingphoto.com
100% of the proceeds will be donated to Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

Momoca has been working on collaboration with Adidas since 2006, if you would like to see some of the past pieces, please, visit www.momoca.com 
Thank you.